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Happy Saturday all,

It's probably natural that as a domain investor grows their portfolio and reinvests their profits, the ideal state is moving toward a higher value domain names.

We often hear that there are multiple paths to consider when investing into domains, for me personally I class them in these bracket :

a) < $500
Where: Hand regs, close outs & no/low bid auctions
Type: Probably made up brandable words, 2-word .com unrelated combinations, various extensions
Low-mid entry cost, high risk, high ROI

Examples: AssistX.com, PolarRace.com, Clipsa.com

b) $500 - $2,000
Where: On secondary - auctions, expired, buy-nows
Type: Pronounceable brandables, 2-word related combinations
Mid-entry, medium risk, higher reward in absolute numbers

Examples: UltimateHomes.com, BTCmag.com

c) $2,000 - $10,000
Where: On secondary - auctions, expired, buy-nows, private purchases
Type: Likely 2-word related combinations, starting to actually be EMD with existing mass awareness

Examples: IPTech.com, FineWines.com, SafetySystems.com

d) $10,000 - $30,000
Where: On secondary - auctions, expired, buy-nows, private purchases
Type: strong 2-word related combinations, Dictionary 1 word + ing/ed/s

Examples: MyList.com, Crowdsourcing.com, Maximal.com

The first two paths one gets more "shots on target", able to build at least quantity wise a larger portfolio, spread the risk and benefit from hopefully frequent lower-value sales that can be reinvested.

Question for those who have moved toward bracket C & D:

What criteria do you use to determine the current value of the domain you're buying (i.e you are buying it at a price where as an investor you have a safe risk/reward profile)

Would love to hear your thoughts,


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And what criteria did you use to estimate them the way you estimated, across all four columns?