discuss Were you early to the NFT and Metaverse domain trends? Is your enthusiasm with these trends paying off?

Most of us weren’t early to the domaining business when it started in the 90s, however, we have found ways to profit through hard work and ingenuity. Out of the many ways in which domaining can be profitable, for some investors, following trends has paid off and compensated for coming in later to the game.

I had never followed trends in domain investing, but this time I did. I think this has been and will be one of the most rewarding trends.

Have you benefited from the metaverse and NFT trends?
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For me I was a n00b in domaining when metaverse started, and I was busy leaning about the ropes of domaining and didn't feel like chasing after trends.

While I did very well for a new investor in regular non trend domaining, I had the opportunity to go all in on Meta

Many meta names that I registered more than a year ago (I have renewed many- so I would say I was early enough) are getting offers of 4 figures from other domainers.
Last few months, I have sold 6 Meta names for a little over ~$12K in wholesale to other domainers all at bargain prices. God luck to them.
I sold only 1 to an end user.

Which means I could have gone all in and had my pick :(

The next trend I spot, if it even happens, I know what to do.

If I had started domaining even 1 year earlier than I did, it would have been awesome haha

I don't regret it, though, because had I concentrated on trends, I would not have learnt the real science of DOmaining or should I say, picking gems from a shitpile. Because I was busy learning about domaining as a whole. But hell, I left so many names..

Oh well....
Next time haha
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