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advice Want to sell but no luck. Help?


Carryout for sale
So over the past two to three years I've been trying to sell my domain which I registered in 1995. It was going to be a service like Ubereats but the technology didn't exist back then.

I've tried several brokers, small and big and have had no success.. not even an offer in the realm of what various experts have evaluated it for (50k-200k).

I'm almost at the point where I am going to develop a business around the name.

So my question to the community is, before I do that, what can/should I do to improve the chances of selling this domain?


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The problem is that "carryout" is not a name of convenience. The person has to go to the store to get the food. Something like Uber eats is delivery, which is convenient so I don't think this name is worth 200,000 maybe not even 50,000 it's definitely a good name and definitely has a value but I really doesn't represent any kind of convenience or easing things in your life for anything like that so you could definitely have to lower the price
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I think time, trends and technology moved past this name a while back. I'm hard-pressed to find a viable development idea for it at this point that would justify a mid 5 figure spend.

In my opinion, best use would be for an e-commerce wholesaler of carry out restaurant supplies (there is already one company that uses a longer version - maybe they would be interested)

What are your ideas for development? How would you generate revenue?