budget: above $100 Want an AMAZON ASSOCIATES Website built

My site will be an AMAZON ASSOCIATES website built for a domain (buycablesnow.com)

If you don't know what an Amazon Associates website is or don't have any experience developing such a site, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A BID. You will just waste your time.

Development to be done in OXYGEN in wordpress - MUST have experience using OXYGEN as a wordpress development tool and RANKMATH as an seo tool.

I would like the format to include a home page with a header with a shop menu drop down, and other linked items and a footer with basics like Contact us, about us, disclaimer, privacy policy, terms and conditions. The website will be an amazon associates website so it will need to load products based on categories selected in the shopping drop down menu and or the shopping page with the categories i want added to it.

once you get me the basics in place I can add to and additionally tailor the site to my specific liking.

I would like the website to have a blog with feeds that can be updated automatically when new content is developed.

It would be nice to have a place to collect emails and names for future marketing efforts.

I would also like an add rotator to include ads from clickbank and cj.

This site will sell as an amazon associate products that have to do with computer networking, like fiber cables, patch cables, computer connectivity cables, firewalls, and other networking type cables/connectivity components.

I already have a header graphic located here


I have another amazon associates site you can look at for an example https://babysetgo.com if you want to check it out for shop and menu flow ideas.

I hope I have been able to explain things enough for you to understand what I am looking for.

During the development cycle you will have full access to the admin function on the website for adding any necessary plugin you need. Site should be SEO optimized as you go with rankmath.
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Hi PJ, You're seeking a website design in full, without the content? Or are you seeking to include the content as well?

What is the most you're willing to budget for this?

I ask because I would be interested depending on the scope you seek and your budget and timeframe sought.

Thank you!