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1. Acquisition Reason

I acquired the domain for use in my own company more than 16 years ago. The company no longer exists, and there is no “bad history”.

2. Markets

Secure data, banking, cloud services, backup

3. Research

I did no research.

4. End-User Value

I have received several offers in the last years. They are in the range starting from 5.000 USD and currently I have two offers: One of 12.000 USD and one of 18.000 USD.

The gap between the offerings made me wonder what the value is.

5. Reseller Value

Sorry. No idea

6. Traffic

Low (not measured)

7. Revenue

No known to me

8. Age

16 years

9. Miscellaneous

I have been using “verisave” for secure cloud services. “verisave” makes sense for services related to security, verification, notar, SLL and other trustworthy services. Ref. “veritas”. Verisave gives good associations in English and and many other languages.
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