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Premium Vegan Domains
Hello, I am selling the premium 4-letter domain VEGP.com. It is a very nice 11 years old CVCC .com domain with no W, X, Y, Z, J or Q.

The word "VEG" has associations with:
  • Veganism (fast growing market)
  • Agriculture
  • Health
Lucrative English words that start with V, E, G and P:
  • V = Virtual, Venture(s), Vegan, Vegetarian, Vegetable, Visual, Video, Vehicle, Vaccine, Viable, Volatile, Vegas
  • E = Enterprise(s), Entertainment, Electronics, Energy, Economy, Education, Equipment, Effective, Elegant
  • G = Global, General, Grant(s), Graphic(s), Gadgets, Game(s), Generated/Generator, Genomics, Glamour
  • P = Payment(s), Partner(s), Provider, Photograph(s/y), Power, Powerplant(s), Project, Physician(s), Poker
A few possible abbreviation combinations:
  • VEGan Protein (VEG + P)
  • VEGan Power (VEG + P)
  • VEGas Poker (VEG + P)
  • Virtual Egyptian Pound (V + EGP)
  • VE Global Payments (company name has initials V and E)
  • VE Global Partnerships (company name has initials V and E)
  • Virtual Entertainment Global Providers
  • Virtual Economy Gateway Providers
  • Virtual Economy Grant Providers
  • Virtual Enterprises & Global Partnerships
  • Virtual Environments & Generated Photography
  • Video Editing & Generated Photography
  • Video Editing for Game Players
  • Visually Elegant Glamour Photography
  • Vaccine Education Global Providers
  • Vaccination Experts & General Physicians
Related domain for sale:
  • VEG.com - $350,000 minimum offer
Selected past LLLL .com domain sales according to NameBio.com:
  • DSAA.com - $50,000
  • SPCM.com - $49,950
  • NDVR.com - $40,000
  • LSDA.com - $25,000
  • ACRT.com - $25,000
  • XBSR.com - $25,000
  • SDPI.com - $24,000
Feel free to make me an offer for VEGP.com via PM.

The domain is registered with GoDaddy. I can transfer it to you via GoDaddy push. For payment, I prefer Escrow.com (payment by card, PayPal or wire) or DAN.com (payment by card or PayPal).

Best regards,
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