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Hi there,

yesterday I was looking for interesting domains regarding the automotive / tourism / travel branch in germany,
and hand-registered eight domains.
However I’m a bit confused: While bots valueed these domains relatively high,
estibot up to USD 2,800 ( - Godaddy up to USD 3,699 (
They seem to have almost no history - most of them appear to never have been registered at all.

I just spent EUR 0.99 for each of them (OVH - promo).
I’m not 100% certain about the quality these domains,
and I’d like to ask the forum if somebody thinks some of these may hold a little potential.

Greetings from bavaria,
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Being from Germany, how often do you see English two word websites with the .de extension advertised or used by German companies? I did see that both and forward to German companies.
$5 to $20 each = Reseller Value Speculation (NOT an end user speculation)