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I am a Due Diligence Marketing appraiser for VCs and my main focus in germany is the domain appraisal. I own 500 domains in my portfolio too and sold in the last five years 50 of my domains (3 six figures) and brokered about 200. I learned it by myself, read everything at the market, trained it with over 5.000 appraisals by myself and thought it could be interesting for you to share my opionion. I am happy to discuss and get your opinions! :xf.love:Information about me you will find below at the end of this article. Why i sold only so few?? Becauce i am focussing in hand Registration in VR, Virtual, Meta, Tech, Finance and Betting, so i valuated more than 40 of domains with six to seven figures, but not now, but in five years...You can judge me for that in five years... My Top 100 Domains you will find below too. Why Focus on there Domains? Why Focus of Metaverse Names? Easy to tell... EarthWeb.com valued the Market in 2030 till 708.000.000.000 USD and Grayscale 885.000.000.000 USD...Now, in 2022, the Metaverse is like the Internet in 2000...Bloomberg. I only invested 5.000 USD for all my 500 domains, because i am focussing on hand reg and abitrage (sorry for that) to check old platform listings with old and not updated prices, which where now hyped.

At first: Why my appraisal service cost more than 500 USD?

A Domain Appraisal by Domain Marketplaces for under 100 USD cant work, sorry! The price reflects the quality of an evaluation and says that it has taken at most one hour to complete or that it has a low hourly rate. I dont evaluate tradmarks, this must be done by an attorney, but to properly evaluate all of the factors below, I believe a time investment of at least 2 to 3 hours must be scheduled. That's why my offer is more expensive and I'm thinking about building a subscription, e.g. 500 USD per month for a maximum of 2 domains per month.

Why appraisal tools of godaddy or estibot are not a good information platform:

If a person needs several hours to determine the exact value, a tool can not do this within seconds. there are always cases in which potential buyers point to the tools and this is a danger for the industry, because I evaluate a house also not only with a tool where I enter the address...Which style? land register? Modernization? Heating? etc... Physical or technical terms are unknown to the tools and you can only take the value as a minimum sales value to then evaluate it with a multiplier.

How i do? Evaluate and compare with my own gerated List of all Broker. My secret formula

2 Steps. Step 1 is the below questions. Step 2 is to take this number and compare them with existing listings. So I take my value that I determined and try to optimize it more to the truth, so to supply and demand. To do this I take this domain and compare it to existing listings on Sedo, Dan and Afternic. Now I check which sellers are behind it and if they also made the effort of a good analysis. Then I check the domain with prominent ratings. I have written scripts that show me all the domains for sale from Media Options, Buckley Media, DomainMarket, Evergreen (sorry for that, you are my heros) and 20 other brokers in one list. For this I take the list of Mike Mann, in which he has transparently rated thousands of domains already and compare the domain also with these values. At last I check the owners of all extensions. This is like Monopoly. If you own Property.com from Rick, but at the same time also Property.net, .org and e.g. my own domain Properties.vc, then the value increases in the order from .com to .org to .net to .io to .co and so on, because buyers with the intention to buy a certain search or word phrase with a keyword have no alternative. My System scans all the data automaticly in one excel sheet, so i see all data and can work with that with a minium of research.

Main Article: What is the Value of a domain?:coffee:

In order to determine the value of a domain, we must first understand what a domain is and why it is so important for a business.

What is a domain? What is a web domain?

Every Internet server has a unique numeric code called the IP address. The IP address allows certain browsers, with which we browse to target specific hosts (addresses) and make their web page content accessible. Since IP addresses are very long and not easy to remember (, they are not used in practice. Instead, an alphabetical address is used to point to such an IP address, the domain.

Domain Market Size:

Domains are limited like gold, bitcoin or real estate, i.e. the demand is always greater than the supply. As soon as a company wants to operate internationally, it needs the .COM domain. And why? At the Superbowl, the most expensive advertising spaces are due. The biggest crowd in the world notices your offer at that moment in the scarce attention economy and should remember it. There is the example where a company advertised with a .cc domain. The company lost 32% of traffic because users switched to a .com domain. The fact is that from 2021 to 2026, the number of companies will increase fivefold. And the shift from offline to online will continue to grow as the number of quick-to-implement store solutions like Shopivy increases exponentially, and the number of people with Internet access will also increase six-fold by 2030. Demand for .com domains in particular will increase sharply.

How much is a domain worth? How much are domains worth? What is a domain worth?

Two-character .COM domains are always worth over $2-5 million, three-character .COM domains between $150,000 and $1 million, depending on whether they correspond to an abbreviation (e.g. for a company) or represent a short word (Bet.com).COM domains with up to five characters are the most valuable.

Details below: The following applies: the shorter the domain, the more valuable it is; it must be easy to remember, it must be pronounceable by a child, it must have funk potential (Hair, Her, Here), it must not contain umlauts, no hyphens, no special characters, should correspond to one or two short words that make the content of the domain directly clear. By the way, be careful with domains that companies have registered as trademarks, here it often happens that the companies sue. This is then decided in the UDRP procedure at the CAC. When determining the domain value, it is often estimated incorrectly, so you should have the domain value determined.

For this purpose there are services on the Internet, which check your determined domain value or our service, which determines the domain value.
Indicators for calculating a domain value:
  • Length of domain (Fin is shorter than Finance but not more valuable)
  • Number of words and Variations (Shop, Shopping, Shopper; One Word are Killer, but there a Category Killer Two Words, that make no sense with one word like "DueDiligence.com"
  • Number of syllables
  • Hyphens included
  • Umlauts included
  • Easy to remember
  • Do you understand the content? Bitcoin.com? Dogs.com? Cakedefi.com?
  • Can you mishear: Here, Hair, Her
  • What domain extension is present (.com | .net and .org about 5 - 10 % of the .com Price | Best: com, net, org, io, co, ai, xyz, vc, cc
  • Brand domain? Geographic domain?
  • Category killer? Like Finance.com or Bet.com
  • Numbers included?
  • The number of TLDs in which the domain name is registrated is important. The best is more than 50.
  • Good Hype Words (singular, plural): Car, job, Domain, Media, Group, Law, Travel, Home, Care, Online, Digital, Meta, Art,Dao, Defi, Haptic, Smart, XR,Vr, AI, Insurance, Poker, Casino, Health, Visit, All Towns, Pharm, Money, Payment, Buy, Pay, Card, Broker, Bank, , Shop,Tele, Virtual, Nft, Rental, Vacation, Electric, Auto, Automated, Voice, Sex, Porn, Hotel, Coin, Crypto, Rate, Asset, Loan, Token, Decentralized, Food, Local, Law, Lawyer, Finance, Cloud, Comput, Deep, Work, Wallet, Game, Resort, Report, Property and so on... Dont use them for Peew.de (thats my business :xf.wink:)
  • Free Domain Extentions: If you want Visiter.net, the domain is more valuable if the .com and .org is off the market and there is a business. If the domains free too and the price is lower than yours, your sale must be waiting
  • Singular is more valuable than Plural, but not always!
  • Person Names: Short Names are very good like my Name: Tom.com sold for millions, but tom.xyz is valuable too
  • Acronyms: Hard to sell, but if you sell, its a good deal. Like NFT, DeFi oder DAO.. I own VRMV.com. Its hard to sell but if the right buyer is there, you have got an six to seven figures sale... VRMV stands for Virtual Reality Metaverse
  • Number of extensions
  • Niche Mismatch: The extension .io and .ai will be use for Technology and Crypto Startups. Tshirt.io is not valuable. UX.io is. The future could be interesting, because .web can be more valuable than .com and a Killer Domain like Robotic.ai could be more valuable than robotic.net, but bet.net could be more valuable than bet.io
  • Market? Finance, Law and Food is more Marketcap than for example "Wrists"
  • Certain countries: German Conpanies only uses .de Domains and not .com Domains. So the .de Domain could be more valuable as the .com Domain.
  • Look for trademarks and birth of registration because of ICDR and UDRP
  • Amount of CPC, CTR and direct traffic
  • Previous offers and sales
  • How are similar domains currently traded
  • Backlinks quantity and quality
  • Age of domain | age of use
  • Does the domain appear on spam lists
  • GeoDomains: Could be valuable. DogGroomerLosAngels.com is not, but LALawyer.com is
  • Prominent keywords?
  • Super Hype Names: Like Crypto and Metaverse. Check here the Glossary of ne trends like i do: like the founder Satoshi.com was sold for 25 Million, Genesis.com, SnowCrash.com...
  • Adult Names: I know, many Domain Investors dont like that, but i think, that they are most valuable, because it is the biggest Internet Industry and they are the first in trends like 2000 Geo-Targeting "Katja from XY likes you". Two of the top 10 Sales in History are Adult Names and VirtualSex.com is still a seven figure name...I own a lot like VirtualSexShop, VirtualXVideos, XXXStreamer and more of them...
  • Time of Valuation! I own for example VirtualSecondHand.com. SecondHand.com is still six to seven figure and if millions of people bought digital items, they want to resell them. Today the domain is maybe 5.000, in the future 75.000 USD
  • Hype topic?
  • Avoiding negative Words like bad, jung and so on. The Word "No" could be good like NoSugar or NoCO2
  • Avoiding Numbers like SEO360, SEO247, SEO123
  • Avoiding Domain name Trends and use real Worlds. So no My, Your and so on. "The" is still valuable like "TheCloud.com"
  • 2 Word Order: Better SEOWorld.com as WorldSEO oder WorldofSEO
  • and much more...

Is it possible to calculate the domain value?

Experts calculate it by a formula, which consists of single variables. Our algorithm does the same. Here, a potential CPC (Cost per Click) is attested as a thesis, the Direct Tipper is taken into account, the value of an inquiry for the customer, and so on.It is calles the Horatius Formula.

Is it possible to estimate the domain value? What is a good domain worth?

There are free tools like "Estibot" and "GoDaddy" (Google for domain value GoDaddy), so called domain value checkers. These are simple tools, i.e. domain value calculators, which fall back on historical data and evaluate the length domain as well as the extension, causally determine the domain value online. One sees however always with the historical sales a large
delta between the actual sales value and the domain value estimate. Therefore, the real value is usually 3-10 x the prediction. The GoDaddy domain value is in my opinion only good for a first estimate and to view similar domain sales. If you wonder how much my domain is worth, use additional information. For an exact domain value determination use the offer of an expert who estimates the domain value with his experience.

Furure of domains: NFT Domains

I do business, so i dont invest do much in domains. You have the opportunity to dig for gold, rent shovels, run the gold mine, run a marketplace for gold traders, or as i will try to do in the future, disrupt the industry. How? With NFT domains. Take a domain XXX.com. You let it be rated and put it on all marketplaces. If the domain is sold, the appraiser gets 5%. If the domain is sold in the future, the previous owner always gets 10%, so that the wholsale of domains is completely faster, because you no longer wait for the big sale, you participate even if you have undervalued the domain and the buyer sells it for much more. I'm still looking for ideas if someone wants to participate.

Is it possible to increase the domain value?

Not directly, but the value depends on supply and demand.
If the domain has a lot of backlinks, has not appeared on spam lists so far
and already very old, then the value will automatically increase.

What is the value of a three-digit domain?

It depends on the extension. A three-digit .com domain has never been
never sold below 100,000 USD in recent years, more likely at 250,000 USD.
Source: Namebio.com

How much is a .de domain worth? What is a .de domain worth?

The same parameters apply here as for the .com calculation. According to experience a .net domain is worth 20 % of the .com domain value, a .org
valued, a .org 15 %. We rank a .de domain similar to the .net domain.

Why domains?

Easy to tell! Domains are limited like gold, bitcoin or real estate, i.e. the demand is always greater than the supply. Every business and every company, even every food truck needs a domain. As soon as a company wants to operate internationally, it needs the .COM domain. Why? In the Superbowl the most expensive advertising slots are due. The biggest crowd in the world perceives your offer at that moment in the scarce attention economy and should remember it. There is the example in which a company advertised with a .cc domain. The company lost 32% of traffic because users entered a .com domain. The fact is that from 2021 to 2026, the number of businesses will increase fivefold. And the shift from offline to online will continue to grow, with the number of quick-to-deploy store solutions like Shopivy increasing exponentially and the number of people who will get Internet access also increasing six-fold by 2030. Specifically, the demand for .com domains will increase sharply.

How much is a domain worth?

That depends on the buyer. A house is only worth as much as the potential new owner is willing to pay. However, some factors have emerged from history: .COM domains are by far the most valuable. Why? Unlike .de domains, which should only be used in Germany, .at domains in Austria etc., .com domains can be used worldwide. The bottleneck: they are limited, so new companies and brands have to secure longer and longer unpronounceable domains for new landing pages, causally short domains become more and more valuable. Two-character .COM domains are always worth over 1 - $5 million, three-character .COM domains between $350,000 and $1 million. .COM domains with up to five letters are the most valuable. The following applies: the shorter the domain, the more valuable it is; it must be easy to remember, it must be pronounceable by a child, it must have radio potential (Hair, Her, Here), it must not contain umlauts, no hyphens, no special characters, should correspond to one or two short words, which make the content of the domain directly clear...

Is it possible to get a domain value estimate?

Yes, with our domain appraisal for example. We have done this hundreds of times for our customers. Not only for sellers, but also as buyer protection or during a due diligence. If desired always with NDA.

How do I find out how old a domain is?

There are many tools for this. A small list of useful tools for
tools for domain investors will follow soon.

How important is the domain name for Google?

According to SEO experts and Google itself, domains with identical keywords equal to the search phrases no longer have an advantage for the influence of the rankings. But they do have one huge advantage. The CTR (Click Trough Rate). According to measurements and statistics, this is significantly higher, since the domain corresponds exactly the search intention and therefore one assumes to find the right solution on the website right solution by information or transaction.

Final words:

No matter if GoDaddy domain valuation, Adresso domain name valuation or
Domain appraisal, the important thing is that you have a closer look at the value of the domain. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. The Domain valuation of Sedo is extremely good, but perhaps not completely neutral. A domain valuation is therefore more suitable for buyers than for sellers. I would always do a free domain valuation with the tools mentioned. For a domain appraisal the information you found here is sufficient. The domain sale price is like a house. The minimum selling price is the previous purchase price or investment. The maximum selling price depends on the demand. With the domain sale price, you should definitely get the opinion of an expert. With the house one can be supported also by a local broker or?

My person:
  • Diploma in Business Administration and Finance
  • Diploma in Investment Banking
  • Domain Investor & Broker
  • Guest author for well-known finance magazines
  • Banking Economist (Fachwirt, Bankbetriebswirt, Dipl. Bankbetriebswirt, Dipl. Betriebswirt)
  • Marketing Insider
  • Expert for platform economy & eCommerce
  • Author (3 books; "Das Gründer Lexikon")
  • Due Diligence E-Commerce appraiser
  • Podcaster
  • Legal permission according to § 25c Abs. 1 Kreditwesengesetz to run a credit institution, respectively a bank as a member of the board of directors
  • Director of Marketing & Sales at an industrial software company
  • Head of Marketing at a listed healthcare company with 4,800 employees and 470 million Euro annual sales (Mentor Chairman of the Supervisory Board)
  • Current Head of Marketing / eCommerce at a health care company (medical supply industry) with 2,000 employees and 270 million Euro annual turnover
  • Age: 32 years young
  • Free time: weight training, martial arts, Boxing, my family & dog
  • Love reading old marketing books
  • Interests: Healthy Food, Dog, Finance, Bitcoin, Domains, eCommerce, NFT
  • Goals: Supervisory board, board of directors, honorary judge, honorary professor
  • Memberships: Animal shelter Itzehoe & Anti Cybermobbing e.V
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Sorry for the free content if here are new domain investors... i thought it could be good content for them. No one has to book me or someone and make a appraisal by his own.... i thought this is a forum to discuss appraisals and how everyone do this, so i shared my opinion and wanted your opionion, to make it transparant who i am, i shared this too. There are better seller and broker too, i am not an expert in this, but i think i am good in what i am doing.

I think it's a pity, this is my first post where I try to generate content for new users, share knowledge, ask for opinions and the first comments of so called vips ruin the effort right away. this forum is apparently like all the others, I thought the domain industry is a community where people help each other. No one has to book me, there are certainly better services, but one thing I know for sure. Most valuations are made for sellers and I stand by for buyers and try to determine a fair value. The fair value is usually not at the highest value. And to answer the core question. I have in no way described that you are not able to do this yourself.... Maybe you can, maybe someone other not. That was my last post here, no fun here. Stay healthy


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Really helpful mate 👏👏 I guess some of the og domainers here don't like this post 🤷‍♂️ but for a beginner like me this is really helpful!! it's hard to try and appraise a domain without experience and I think this is the biggest hurdle for us newcomers, we fear that it's unrealistically high or too undervalued 🤦‍♂️ Kep posting your content bro! even if many don't comment I'm sure there are newbies like me who took some value from your experience after all isn't that the point of these forums, ask advice share experience and make new contacts!
Where can i see unicorns. La la land makes me a millionaire also. Every rule is out the window as you watch others break rules make sales and know you had first dibs it is all about catering to end user. Once domainers would never buy plurals and typos so they all sat around but eventually got snapped and sold. All about luck and not pricing out of market the lure of potential traffic is what creates value. Someone that disobeys and buys "the" names sells them and you think yea i said it but that was then. All speculation.
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