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Link: Urbantrending.net
Price: $150
Domain Expiry:
20 March Yearly
Domain Registrar : Godaddy.com
Revenue: No Revenue (New store setup to start in dropshipping successfully)
Traffic: No traffic
Payment Options: Paypal, Stripe, Payoneer etc.
Social Account: - Pinterest ( this sale includes my free codecanyon plugin for social media marketing worth $49 (you get this for free, connected, and can market to pinterest, facebook, google, instagram, medium, twitter and reddit etc)

Available products: 100+ products in stock
Core System: WordPress, Aliexpress, Woocommerce and Elementor, Paypal, Stripe
Monthly costs: Cloud hosting (with cpanel is enough) $10/month for hosting. Currently hosted on Cloudways.com
Profit per product: each product is set profitable upon sale at 40% profit per product

Website Niche and Features

- selling urban style fashion clothing for men and women.
- you can target customers in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
- verified aliexpress suppliers, and products installed check website.
- order tracking using trackship for woocommerce
- automated checkout shipping rate calculations
- automated stock management (In stock and out of stock)
- automated inhouse marketing with a klaviyo account
- automated discount checkout models
- basic on page SEO with rank math plugin
- ready for google shopping merchant centre application using your gmail account (this helps you get free traffic)
- payments for orders paid to stripe and paypal in wordpress

Note: This website is a fully automated dropshipping store, with carefully planned and chosen method based on my successfully run store coolproduct.net I am selling it because I do not use it. The domain, and everything will be transferred to your name and account.
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