Turned down 2 $10k offers for 2 different domains

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    TOP 100 .TV SALES (source: Namebio.com)

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    Domain Price Date Venue
    usa.tv 125,000 USD 2016-01-03 Donnied79
    business.tv 100,999 USD 2010-05-06 Sedo
    free.tv 100,000 USD 2003-02-01 Private
    china.tv 100,000 USD 2003-02-01 Private
    net.tv 100,000 USD 2003-02-01 Private
    film.tv 65,000 USD 2012-04-17 Sedo
    rt.tv 62,500 USD 2009-02-11 Private
    jeu.tv 50,000 USD 2012-04-11 MostWantedDomains
    web.tv 45,000 USD 2011-01-21 Sedo
    learn.tv 41,000 USD 2010-05-06 Sedo
    sc.tv 40,000 USD 2014-12-24 MostWantedDomains
    talk.tv 40,000 USD 2011-11-23 Sedo
    hot.tv 35,000 USD 2007-09-20 DRT Auction
    christmas.tv 32,000 USD 2010-05-06 Sedo
    home.tv 31,000 USD 2010-05-06 Sedo
    moda.tv 30,000 USD 2014-06-11 Legacy Fund
    fyi.tv 30,000 USD 2014-02-05 Private
    ss.tv 30,000 USD 2013-03-20 MostWantedDomains
    guide.tv 29,500 USD 2010-05-06 Sedo
    set.tv 29,000 USD 2012-06-06 Sedo
    answers.tv 28,539 USD 2014-09-29 Sedo
    fussball.tv 28,367 USD 2008-03-12 Sedo
    answers.tv 28,350 USD 2014-10-08 Sedo
    24.tv 28,342 USD 2015-09-10 4.CN
    astrology.tv 27,856 USD 2015-05-11 Sedo
    ulive.tv 27,000 USD 2013-03-18 Afternic
    666.tv 26,982 USD 2016-07-24 Pvt Sale
    show.tv 26,249 USD 2014-12-03 Sedo
    job.tv 25,500 USD 2010-05-06 Sedo
    open.tv 25,000 USD 2014-07-30 Sedo
    connect.tv 25,000 USD 2013-02-13 Sedo
    doctor.tv 25,000 USD 2012-05-09 Jeff Overman
    kids.tv 25,000 USD 2012-02-29 Private
    telmex.tv 25,000 USD 2011-01-30 Sedo
    televisions.tv 25,000 USD 2008-06-04 Sedo
    auctionnetwork.tv 25,000 USD 2007-08-14 Afternic
    six.tv 25,000 USD 2007-07-03 Afternic
    forex.tv 24,000 USD 2011-12-07 Private
    furniture.tv 24,000 USD 2011-03-30 Sedo
    gaia.tv 22,275 USD 2014-04-02 Sedo
    your.tv 21,538 USD 2015-11-09 Sedo
    ss.tv 21,500 USD 2008-07-23 Sedo
    de.tv 21,500 USD 2007-05-29 Private
    concert.tv 21,000 USD 2013-10-16 Domains90210
    shows.tv 20,500 USD 2010-05-12 Sedo
    jobs.tv 20,500 USD 2010-05-06 Sedo
    galileo.tv 20,406 USD 2015-02-02 Sedo
    beuaty.tv 20,300 USD 2010-05-09 Sedo
    beauty.tv 20,300 USD 2010-05-06 Sedo
    nf.tv 20,000 USD 2013-09-18 LegacyFund LLC/ MostWantedDomains
    immobilien.tv 20,000 USD 2012-05-23 Sedo
    farmacia.tv 20,000 USD 2012-05-23 MostWantedDomains/ Jeff Overman
    cable.tv 20,000 USD 2011-10-19 Sedo
    pilot.tv 20,000 USD 2011-01-13 Private
    jogo.tv 19,650 USD 2013-03-06 Sedo
    italy.tv 19,000 USD 2010-03-31 Sedo
    videoshop.tv 18,760 USD 2013-02-27 Sedo
    quid.tv 18,500 USD 2012-02-29 Sedo
    cash.tv 18,263 USD 2007-08-07 Sedo
    oo.tv 18,000 USD 2012-10-24 MostWantedDomains
    shoes.tv 18,000 USD 2010-06-04 Sedo
    d.tv 18,000 USD 2010-04-14 Sedo
    fight.tv 18,000 USD 2008-08-13 Sedo
    mojo.tv 17,500 USD 2016-08-14 Pvt Sale
    bob.tv 17,500 USD 2013-06-12 MostWantedDomains
    e.tv 17,500 USD 2008-08-06 Sedo
    wine.tv 17,002 USD 2010-04-22 Sedo
    in.tv 16,550 USD 2010-05-06 Sedo
    hr.tv 16,298 USD 2014-09-24 Sedo
    metal.tv 16,000 USD 2010-10-06 Private
    real.tv 15,500 USD 2010-05-06 Sedo
    box.tv 15,471 USD 2015-10-15 Sedo
    pimp.tv 15,250 USD 2011-01-27 allthings.tv
    mio.tv 15,000 USD 2016-08-07 Quest Financial
    sharks.tv 15,000 USD 2015-12-08 Sedo
    lol.tv 15,000 USD 2015-09-24 Uniregistry
    bs.tv 15,000 USD 2014-09-24 Sedo
    society.tv 15,000 USD 2014-04-16 Uniregistry
    contactlenses.tv 15,000 USD 2012-06-06 Sedo
    pro.tv 15,000 USD 2011-07-13 Sedo
    moneytalks.tv 15,000 USD 2011-01-20 Sedo
    de.tv 14,957 USD 2009-03-24 Sedo
    de.tv 14,843 USD 2009-02-15 Sedo
    de.tv 14,140 USD 2010-10-27 Sedo
    clothing.tv 14,120 USD 2012-07-25 Sedo
    vacation.tv 14,000 USD 2011-02-18 Sedo
    stream.tv 13,755 USD 2011-01-27 Sedo
    uv.tv 13,650 USD 2009-03-24 Sedo
    loans.tv 13,600 USD 2011-03-15 Sedo
    fantasy.tv 13,581 USD 2016-06-20 Sedo
    amsterdam.tv 13,500 USD 2010-08-25 upmarketurls
    telefon.tv 13,300 USD 2010-02-10 Sedo
    fund.tv 13,200 USD 2013-05-08 Sedo
    carinsurance.tv 13,200 USD 2011-05-04 Sedo
    skins.tv 13,185 USD 2010-10-27 Sedo
    fund.tv 13,010 USD 2013-04-24 Sedo
    cam.tv 13,000 USD 2015-12-02 Sedo
    trader.tv 13,000 USD 2014-10-22 Private
    tablet.tv 13,000 USD 2014-06-11 Sedo
    cardio.tv 13,000 USD 2012-06-13 Blue String Ventures/ Jeff Overman
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  2. Brokerdeals

    Brokerdeals Established Member

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    Was your offer through email from a Broker?
  3. zubike

    zubike Established Member

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    Not real buyers, do not worry you will see real buyers.
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  4. zubike

    zubike Established Member

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    I waited for your reply about swagato.com and I did not see, wow you did not keep your promise.
  5. Brokerdeals

    Brokerdeals Established Member

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    I did not make a promise of anything, however I saw you post it at 99 cents, which is crazy
    I asked someone about it and they did not want it.
    If you were only asking 99 cents I would rather give you $10 and take it off your hands.
  6. imadoer

    imadoer Active Member PRO VIP

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    I would have taken the money. Especially on Rev. And I would be searching to buy better names with 20k
  7. elevator

    elevator DnCombo.com VIP

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    One man's meet is another man' poison. The big sales don' t come unless you are very mean. Mean I mean, you must be strict to make good money once you know you have the worthy property. God luck, I have no any blame for you but rather learning a good lesson from this. Cheers
  8. Abdullah Abdullah

    Abdullah Abdullah Community Moderator, Namepros Moderator Gold Account VIP

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    I see all members in the thread are saying you should have accepted the offer for Rev. Révé being the French word meaning dreams , and normally shortted as Rév , And with the extension, perhaps it was for
    Website : http://www.rev-tv.eu/ (

    For me , Rev.tv has more potential than boss.tv.
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  9. decode

    decode Established Member

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    Why not reach out to the owners of both
    bosstv.com and revtv.com and see if they
    are interested. There are established sites
    that might find them very useful.
  10. UXela

    UXela Active Member VIP

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    Should have posted this thread with a poll too :)
  11. NPer

    NPer Very Allergic to CURRY PRO VIP

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    Why ask the question?

    You assessed the action as "nuts" (which is why you used the word) and then went on to create a thread questioning the behavior... Therein lies the answer.
  12. iTerminal

    iTerminal Established Member

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    How did you acquire those domains Gorilla? Did you notice that customers placed backorders for these names on your dropcatch site Pheenix and decide to get in on the action? How do you prevent conflicts of interest?
  13. Alex Domain

    Alex Domain Established Member

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    If I were you I would DEFINITELY NOT have sold rev.tv for 10k. Its worth much more!!

    For Boss.tv I probably would have taken the 10k ;) But its a tough call.
  14. SoundsGood

    SoundsGood Established Member

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    Turned down 10k for a LL.tv, so I don't think you're nuts at all.
  15. Jasonn

    Jasonn Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    well if you don't need the money and can hold out, more power to you. its hard to say though will you get higher offers in the future or not? you might not get another offer on those domains again like that or you could sell for far more. its anyone's guess.
  16. krx

    krx Upgraded Member Gold Account VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Not sure I see why this prevents you from accepting (or at least countering) the offer. These are not lowball offers. It's a reasonable place to begin a negotiation. I mean, how many prospective buyers are there out there for these names? Now how many of these potentially interested parties would even consider spending more than $10k on one of these names? Take this analysis out 10 years and your pool of prospective buyers hasn't grown by much.

    And how much do you seriously think you will make if the stars align just right and one of these prospective buyers decides to step forward and buy the name? Hundreds of thousands of names that are "worth more" never sell, never even get a serious offer from an enduser. They sit on the registrar shelf and get traded among domainers.

    On one hand it's all speculation. On the other hand you can calculate (or at least guestimate) the odds. Unless there is private information about these domains that changes the calculus, I think the odds of getting a better offer for BOTH domains is remote. You might get $18k for one in three years, but nothing for the other. You might get nothing that beats the $10k offers ever, for either name. Or you might make six figures on both of them next month.

    Again, barring private information, I would have countered, made the best deal I can on both names, and reinvested in the next crop of money makers. Just mho.
  17. walkerville

    walkerville Established Member

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    Maybe that broker can check out my U-S.tv. I'll sell it today for $10,000.
  18. kemjika11

    kemjika11 Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    @gorilla_bob Sorry but with these rejections, you just showed us you have goooood cash on hand. LOL. with so many new tlds and competition form alternatives, if you afford to say no to 2 10K offers, trust me, teh only thing i would bet everything on is that you have money.Thats good though ,but maybe if you ddint have all that money you would accept those offers? LOL. This thread is crazy, funny, interesting and frustrating. thanks
  19. DomainChap

    DomainChap Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    the question to ask is:
    imagine you sold both domains for 20K,
    can you invest 20K in domains today ,
    that you can resell for 500% to XXXX% within 2-3 year ?
  20. bgmv

    bgmv Active Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    This couldn't be further from the truth. When Rick Schwartz was offered 300k for Candy.com and he turned it down and held out for $3mm + equity, I think he got the better end of the deal. Patience is a virtue in this industry. Just look at the LLLL.com, I was hand registering CHPS in 2005-6, now they are worth $2k+ a piece! I had offers to sell at $20 each, which was a 200% profit and I held out for more...sorry but I respectfully disagree with you.
  21. alcy

    alcy Active Member VIP

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    good question to ask!
    plus, how badly do you need cashflow NOW.
  22. kemjika11

    kemjika11 Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    well Candy.com is an obviously good name, so sorry, its easy to know to wait out a name like that for good offers. Most domainers dont sell or have names that good, so how can we use the same strategy(long waiting) when the name quality is not the same?Every day domainers need to actually apply multiple strategies at once- be patient with some good names iwth potential, sell off bad names or names with no inquiries to resellers, settle for decent end users prices sometimes that dont meet expectations. Just saying that i am ON the truth when we talk about common domainers, which includes me. Just trying to say that we cant wait long for every name in our portfolio. There is a big difference between small profit and no profit. Until that name sells, there is no profit, and ur in the red cash wise...i can always rebuy more good names after selling cheap/below good end user potential. Cheers!
  23. golan

    golan Leo.Domains Gold Account VIP

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    Is that true? Or your guess.
  24. DomainChap

    DomainChap Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    just to be clear,
    i had a few good domains that received offers in the X,xxx$,
    i never saw a penny of this money,
    we created the escrow and the buyers just disappeared at some point, and stopped answering their emails

    so you didn't sell anything until the money is in your bank account,
    it was a really frustrating experience the first time as it was a 5000$ deal, with the escrow transaction started,
    but the guy obviously changed his mind for whatever reason
  25. Vegas Options

    Vegas Options Senior Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I do not think it is about needing money or how much he has. In a case like this he has chosen to decline.

    You are feeling "nuts" because you are questioning your decision. DON`T!

    What good is it to listen to fellow NPers tell you that you "may have done or didn`t do the right thing" this will just confuse you more. (and drive your Nuts):ahhh:

    Most on here now have not sold a $5000 domain, so why get their opinion? No knock on Newbies or freshman domainers (see sig)

    Great example was my offer to sell V Bet net on NP, I asked $500, no buyers, it was only about a year in a half or so ago. I was PMed by many saying I was asking to much, it wasn't worth it and I turned down some offers. So I pulled it and said to my self, I think I still have something. I never wavered on my decision. I Sold it for $5800 in September as posted #13 on DNJ in Sept. sales list.

    My point is, do what you feel, don`t look back and stick to what you believe, you never know what can happen. Win some lose some, don`t get me wrong, I have lost deals also:guilty:, holding out for more on domains I thought were better, and I will continue to make my decisions without regret.

    So IMO did you do the right thing? the answer is, it does not matter what I think. :roll:

    Best of luck!

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