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Travel website are built professionally, SEO friendly and mobile friendly. It runs on the blogger platform and is fully integrated with Whitelabel Travelpayouts.

Travel affiliate website that have been designed to run automatically and are linked with white label travepayouts (Flights and Hotels) which have been customized to make it look more beautiful and attractive.

The website can present data in real time based on the location of the visitor.

Background image that can change every page is loaded by visitors.

Website features:
  • SSL free forever.
  • No hosting fees forever.
  • Travelpayouts API.
  • The background image can change every time the page loads using the pexels API.
  • User friendly design.
  • Responsive design .
  • Mobile friendly.
  • 100% automated.
  • The website can display data based on the city of visitors.
  • Fully integrated with all travel affiliate networks.
  • I will also submit your business name to the Google Business Directory and the Bing Directory.
Domain: TravellingTicket.com
Domain Registrar: uk2.net
Domain Expiry: 2022-03-19
Revenue: -
Traffic: -
Payment Options: Paypal
Price: $80


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A couple of questions. How is hosting and SSL free forever? Also, if you have Travelpayouts API this means that you have an account with them, how do we switch from your account to someone else?
Hi, the website uses the blogger platform. you can use your travelpayouts account along with the API key from your account.
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