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Top TEchnology trends and Investements forcast of 2018

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    Technology broke lots of barriers post 2010. With driverless cars to Crypto currencies and Underground Transit, we are witnessing too many advancements in a quicker timespan.

    Here are the Top technology trends and Investments to Lookout for

    1. Blockchains gain more widespread adoption

    2. Narrow artificial intelligence expands

    3. Underground mass transportation gains more traction

    4. 5G Wireless Broadband launches

    5. Bitcoin grabs more headlines

    6. Augmented reality goes mainstream on mobile

    7. We catch a glimpse of the first true driverless car service

    8. New solar energy developments

    9. In-home digital virtual assistants become more prevalent

    10. Quantum computing becomes more accessible

    11. Surgical robots enter more operating rooms

    12. Taxi drones take to the skies

    13. Alphabet will deliver internet via lasers in India

    14. The Internet of Things marches on

    15. The return of augmented reality headsets

    With this we can see more and more domains required in these areas and hope some of us can see some hard, fast and big sales.

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