Top 100 “.IO” Domain Names Sold in During Past 12 Months

Labeled as .io in Domain Selling and Domain Sales started by News, May 7, 2018.


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  2. alcy

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    is park.io registry sales?
    most sales there
  3. anantj

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    Park.io is one of the most popular and efficient .io dropcatchers
  4. DeliDomains

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    Where could be better place to sell .io domains apart from park.io?
  5. anantj

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    Flippa possible!
  6. kam

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    I/O stands for input/ output, it's a term of communication process between computer hardwares. It had nothing to do with CryptoCurrency.

    However, industry players and registry make a great effort to promote .io bind to something high-tech & computer related. Somehow all of the suddenly people start to believe .io had a strong connection with cryptocurrency & blockchain and therefore the price go up like a rocket..

    It's a fascinating example of how a successful marketing make a huge different.

    Anyway, I believed .CC can be a better Abbreviation form of CryptoCurrency.
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  7. tomas_cherry

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    I'd be cautious about the numbers when I see that most of the sales happen on park.io. Seems that it's still mostly a drop catching service, and not a real secondary market for domains (because when logged in, I don't see the option to sell my own domains). It means that if there's more than 1 person interested in a dropping domain, nobody gets it for $99 (regular drop catch fee) - park.io catches it and puts it on a public 10 day auction. So all the money goes to park.io drop catching service, not to the previous owner of the domain.

    I might be wrong, but I'll tell you an example from the Fine Art market. There's a famous photographer Peter Lik. He has 15+ galleries around the world. He's ultra rich. His pictures sell for $4K-$200K each, depending on how many copies of that pic are still unsold (he sells 995 copies of each picture).

    The photos in his galleries are presented in the most "delicious" way, printed on glass with perfect lighting, so that unprofessional buyers lose their minds when they come into galleries and buy without hesitation. Many of the galleries are located in high-traffic laid-back (touristic) areas.

    The PROBLEM is - there's virtually no secondary market for his pictures. They don't sell at auctions. At all. Because there's just too many copies available - market hasn't confirmed the prescribed value of the pictures. And probably never will. And that's ok. That's Peter's choice. It's his business model. That's a fascinating business indeed.

    But the buyers come to realize that they will never be able to resell his pictures for profit. Most offers on ebay stand for much lower price than people paid to the gallery. It's like buying a brand new car. When you drive out from the dealership, the car immediately loses ~30% of its value. Which is the opposite of what's happening in the real Fine Art market.

    As I said, I might be wrong, but I'm just giving a word of caution here. I'd be much more confident if I could see most of these sales happening in the secondary market (real marketplaces where sellers and buyers interact). In park.io case, there might be just a bunch of unprofessional (or overly infatuated) buyers who've inflated prices by competing to each other in the dropcatching race.

    Funnily enough, if you can build a better, private drop catching service, you might get that domain for free (or for a dev's fee) instead of 4, 5 or even 6 figures.
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