Toast Wallet: Is it Safe?

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    Are you looking for the best crypto wallet to keep your cryptocurrency coins safe?

    Well, I found a trustworthy wallet where your coins are safe to keep-Toast Wallet.

    Let’s check out some more details of the Toast wallet like features, pros, and cons. How safe is it? Is it user friendly? So let’s check out the reviews.

    According to the coin market cap, Ripple[XRP] is the third-highest cryptocurrency in the market. You can go for Toast Wallet to store your Ripple coins as it is designed as a reliable ripple wallet.

    All about Toast Wallet

    Toast Wallet is an open-source cryptocurrency wallet for Ripple payment system. You can see the latest updates on the Toast wallet with all new improvements to the platform.

    The official website did not mention much about the founder and who is currently handling it. The only information we get is “Toast Wallet is the creation of a software startup company- StarStone Limited based in New Zealand”.

    They are a software company that has one app namely “Toast Wallet”. The other piece of information available is a couple of sentences bringing their hope that “Toast Wallet grows into a respected cryptocurrency brand along with helping the growth of StarStone brand”.

    Toast Wallet Encryption

    The funds in the wallet are protected by passphrase and a pin code. This information is saved in PouchDB– an open-source database enables you to store data offline.

    The wallet is free of cost and the platform does not charge any fees.


    • Easy Transactions: It has a scanning QR code feature to send and receive payments.

    • Convenience: You can access your crypto anytime from your mobile device.

    • Loss of Device: When you lose your phone, you lose all your access to your funds when someone finds your private keys.

    Final verdict:

    Toast wallet is the best option for Ripple users and is worth exploring. It is also easy to use as it has a simple user interface. Importantly, the wallet seems to have a positive impression within the Ripple Community.

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