Thoughts On These Niche Picks (And The Current Situation With Extensions)

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I've been away from the wonderful world of domain names for a long time (aside from grabbing a couple for my businesses).
My girlfriend randomly told me that .earth had been generated as an extension yesterday, and that managed to spike my curiosity. I was then astonished to see the vast amount of extensions that are now on the market. It's pretty crazy.

I've concluded that it's quite possible in some years to come, single word domain names with relevant extensions could be worth a fair amount of money to the right people. As the internet grows and people move away from the standard 9-5, more and more startups and websites are going to be born, and thus the demand for such names will increase? Of course this could be totally wrong. If it is wrong, then they could still be used to create decent businesses.
But anyway, here are some picks that I've grabbed.

glamorous (dot) gifts
recyclable (dot) earth
menswear (dot) fashion
muscular (dot) fitness
juice (dot) organic
mockups (dot) graphics

Thoughts on this subject?
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