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Definition of unhinged.

Weakest impeachment in history (x2)
Acutally, it was how things should be in America.

No American President should ever address our nation the way Trump did.

No American President should ever handle an election defeat the way Trump did.

If they do, red or blue, they will face impeachment.

Don't forget, President Clinton was impeached for lying about an indiscretion with a staffer. The Capitol assault was far worse.
Cannuck, how is the landscape where you are?

Not that anyone asks, but my corner of Japan is pretty comfy, too. Sometimes get a little too hot, then we go to Canada. We all need a nice place to wait out the collapse of civilization.

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“War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.”

1984 - Eric Blair (George Orwell)


I hate to break the news to you, but in the book 1984 you are the bad guys...

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

― George Orwell, 1984
I have tried to explain that exact point to these Trump supporters as well as Trump supporters in my family and they just don't get it.

I am simply amazed at how many people have a tenuous grasp of the basic principles of law and the Constitution itself.

The reason people don't "get it" is because they can clearly see that it wrong, even if it is legal, while you guys keep chanting "but we didn't break the law" and pretending not to see the larger issue. The law has never defined right and wrong, and has often been at odds with it throughout history.

The merging of the state with private corporations who do the state's dirty work is clearly a danger to democracy. Anyone can see this. There were laws passed when newspapers gained too much power, the same as when there were three major TV networks. The tech companies have control over public information that dwarfs either of those. Comparisons to chicken restaurants and Namepros are purposely beside the point.

You should be concerned when this happens. Because they won't stop with conservatives. They'll get around to you before too long.

There's a reason free speech was the 1st Amendment - it's essential to democracy. When you silence part of your population, you only leave them with violence.
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Mother of slain Capitol Police officer ur48.jpg

The propaganda beat goes on. We start with the big lie in the title.

Then, in the article: "....who both helped defend the Capitol on Jan. 6" They were managing a disorderly protest, minor riot. Of all the actual deadly riots that have occurred around the US and even in DC, addressing this relatively minor disturbance is called defending the capital, as though British warships are again shelling the city.

And this: "An autopsy indicated that Brian Sicknick suffered two strokes and died a day after responding to the attack on the Capitol, after initial reports that he was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. "

Initial reports that were later proven false. In their sneaky mainstream media way, they skirt around actually lying by withholding vital bits of information. They have to do this to create their bullshit narrative of a "deadly insurrection."

And the other deaths? Two officers committed suicide. Whose fault is that? Maybe they felt shame and being used as tools of oppression against ordinary citizens? We will never know, because the narrative demands that the protesters be guilty. Of something.

And the actual real killing that took place? Mum's the word. The elite press are happy to add to the death toll, but have no curiosity or interest in the cop who shot an unarmed woman in the neck at point blank range. If he had shot a BLM protestor that way, he would be in jail as we speak, and his name would be vilified in all major media.

I miss the good old days of honest media, like Pravda.
Sounds like the subject is open for debate, not. I didn't enter this thread as a popularity contest - clearly demonstrated by the overwhelming under-reaction (yikes vs likes), and the absence of non-partisan discernment. In that respect I am the odd one out, the only dissenting voice rustling a few Republican feathers. Free speech is a luxury that I do not take for granted. How many here have lived in communist countries? Likewise, how many have lived off the land? Who among you has walked a mile in his neighbours moccasins? He who throw stones live in glass house.

No guilt trip implied - simply an observation gained through extensive travels, involvement in international environmental initiatives and having lived close to the land. Prove me wrong, better yet, do something other than blow HOT air to fill the Trump balloon. IIRC I've been relatively well-behaved in this thread, lol, any scorching comments or memes that contradict the status quo were simply meant to raise awareness, whether or not it floats your boat. O_o

My objective is not to bring down the government, but rather to uplift the populus. Bystanders reading this thread can decide for themselves - and vote for the party of their choice. Afterall, we live in a free democracy (still).


I think the tone of this thread is amicable. I would imagine that all of us here are happy to follow an idea of "Don't be haughty to the humble and humble to the haughty". If I am not typing something on a serious side than everything else is just with a smile.

Anyways, I posted something on Biden and then you posted something on Trump and that is why I said game on and posted something positive on Trump. That was basically it, wasn't looking for likes, it was just a cool compilation of everyone writing Trump off when he announced his candidacy.

I think everyone here can handle nonpartisan discernment but you need to give us something to "chew on". I can only imagine you can give us more genuine substance of how you see things, no one will be offended by your feather rustling:)

I lived in a communist country, technically they like to refer to it as socialist but was part of the warsaw pact:) you don't have to live in one to be able to read and understand it or understand when your country is changing for the worse.

I think your impression of things here is more divisive than reality. We just want to share what we find truthful and bounce ideas and news off each other. I just found this thread some days ago and it just feels friendly. Maybe don't look at it in black or white but be yourself, some might agree some might not it doesn't matter, it's a forum for ideas.

Technically US is a Republic not a democracy not matter how often it gets used. Founders hated "democracy" as majority rule is often interpreted as two wolves and a sheep voting for what's for dinner.


Why liberal rags owned media conglomerates.
u know why?u seem bright; wit lots experience

Thanks, but I don't know. Marxists started journalism school, journalism school took over real journalism. It all ties in with helping big government and big business elites get more power. Think about it - if you are a megalomaniac, you would want a larger government with more power over the people - not a smaller government with less power over the people. So you'll naturally lean Democratic. Plenty of Republicans also want larger government, but they have to keep up appearances for that stubborn faction who want small government, liberty and freedom. That slows them down. The Dems can go whole hog, and their sycophants will cheer them on. Makes them much more dangerous.
Debates seem pointless. Very few voters have any reasoning skills left, so even when the debates do occasionally address relevant facts, it doesn't matter. People are impressed by appearances, swagger or a wayward fly. A typical voter couldn't name 5 differences between Trump and Biden.

The whole nation has been reduced to tribalism, victim status and mental illness masquerading as individuality, with a healthy dose of irrational fear pumped in daily by the media.

It has to get a lot worse before it gets better. Reality is going to hit Americans hard someday.

Sure is. Like an adult talking to a child with developmental problems. The body language.... And to think she was one of the more "promising" candidates running for President? The Dems have a very shallow bench, mostly because they have purged anyone with any signs of intelligence or wisdom.
Here is a post I copied from someone with good insight into World affairs. The big picture.

40 minutes ago
If you are tired of the left ruining our country, vote for Trump. I came from China about 30 years ago. Inclined to the Democrat party before, I support Trump now. What democrats and the left are doing is exactly what I saw Chinese communists have been doing: indoctrination, control, censoring/silencing, and violence/intimidation. They have destroyed what I believe the most precious things about America: rule of law and free speech. We saw many politicians before and we heard many promises, but they delivered close to nothing. They always first calculate their gains or losses, not your interests, and are weaklings in tough political situations. Like each of us, Trump is not perfect and I don't agree with everything he says or does, but I know he loves and fights for America, making HISTORIC achievements while going through endless smears, mocks, and false charges. He has done his best (but can't do it all), tirelessly, fearlessly, for free, for this great country. I am seeing America is back and winning under his leadership. Even Chinese communist leadership has admitted that Trump is the first U.S. president they are unable to fool. If Hillary or Biden was the president, USA would be beyond recognition in the recent left riots, loots, and cancel culture. If you want a leader with a magic wand for economy, supporting rule of law, free speech, and our military, having your interests in mind, can't-be-sold-or-bought, and getting things done for you, vote for Trump.

  • CommonSense4Humans
    40 minutes ago
    Recently some asked me how I know Trump is the first U.S. president China is unable to fool. Here is the answer if you are curious. I am a Chinese coming to America about 30 years ago. Obviously, China's dictator Xi didn't call me about this admission, nor China made any similar announcements. It is a fact that since China was accepted into WTO, it hasn't followed its promises. It is a fact that it has been stealing from and cheating the world, esp. USA. They fooled previous presidents through two tricks: 1. They made promises to make presidents look better politically to American people, but they didn't follow their promises. No US presidents had the guts or willingness to go through a battle with China to force them to honor their promises. 2. In case of being difficult to get away, China usually makes one-time big purchases, which again would make US presidents look not bad politically. However, the problems with China never get resolved. Yes, things changed since Trump was in office. China's leaders openly said they don't know how to deal with Trump, which basically says that they are not be able to fool America any more with their old tricks. Trump is the first President who is fighting a real battle on China and China has had sign an official agreement with USA, which is just the beginning. Foolish "elite" presidents like Bush and Obama had no clue or guts about what Trump did.
'The best take on socialism yet:
A guy looked at my Corvette the other day and said, " I wonder how many people could have been fed for the money that sports car cost."

I replied, "I am not sure, but it fed a lot of families in Bowling Green, Kentucky who built it; it fed the people who make the tires; it fed the people who made the components that went into it; it fed the people in the copper mine who mined the copper for the wires; it fed people in Decatur IL at Caterpillar who made the trucks that hauled the copper ore.

"It also fed the trucking people who hauled it from the plant to the dealer and fed the people working at the dealership and their families.

"BUT... I have to admit, I guess I really don't know exactly how many people it fed."

That is the difference between the capitalism and welfare mentality:

--When you buy something, you put money in people's pockets, and give them dignity for their skills and hard work.

--When you give someone something for nothing, you rob them of their dignity and self worth.
Capitalism is freely giving your money in exchange for something of value.

Socialism is taking your money against your will and shoving something down your throat that you never asked for.

I've decided I can't be politically correct anymore (I never was, actually).'
Ken Sorensen
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people who hurt other people do not deserve to be petted by anyone.... i always say ...as long as people are not getting hurt... i will stay out of it... when people starting getting hurt ... i will oppose them.... a 300 million dollar Ponzi scheme shredded a lot of people IMO ....

There is something wrong with our justice system when you can serve 4 years in jail (out of 40+) while defrauding 1,400 people out of $300M. This scam wiped out the entire life savings of many people.

Meanwhile someone is serving life in prison on 3 strikes or a decades long sentence for selling a $20 bag of weed.

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Even in this thread, the healing has already begun.
No personal attacks so far on one whole page.
Both sides are agreeing on the real issues, not the propped up BS that we've been fed lately.

(just the facts, ma'am)
X said it.. let the far left and the far right go off and fight each other.

Lets get on with the business of living.

Peace, (really)
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Joe Biden in 1987: ‘We (Delawareans) Were on the South’s Side in the Civil War’

Joe Biden in 2012: ‘They’re ( Repubilcans ) going to put y’all back in chains’!!!

Joe Biden in 2021: Unveils Strategy To Combat ‘Domestic Terrorism,’ Labels White Supremacy As ‘Lethal’ Threat.

Hunter Biden: My nigga!

Twitter can censor and refuse service to anyone they want because they are a private company. But this man who runs a small bakery, must make specially designed cakes celebrating sexual ..............

Same guy that went to the supreme court for refusing to bake a gay wedding cake a few years ago, seems targeted to me..... and the trans woman used the same lawyer as the gay couple.

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Look how easy it is to make a democrat defend degenerates exploiting children in the name of "anything goes" equality. Complete hypocrites.

LOL. Please.

People can dress how that want. That story did not involve sex at all.

11 year olds were drag were dancing for gay men in a strip club.

Is it appropriate for a child to be in a club period (the gay part is irrelevant)?...not really.

Here is a video of a child pretending to snort ketamin.

Parents are supposed to protect their children, teach them right from wrong. Not exploit them.

You are just afraid of people that are different than you. Sad!

I also like how the article is from 2018. Anything more recent?



But Trump, an adult, paying for sex with another adult was too much for democrats.
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People are saying that they fear retaliation if they are public about not voting for Trump. They are afraid.

In the box though, they will check Joe.

Since 2016, Trump hasn't gained support, he's lost some. He didn't have any to lose.
You've just twisted the truth 180º. Many Conservatives fear retaliation if they go public about voting for Trump. Liberals are nasty, vindictive people if you don't agree with them... that's why Trump is gonna kick Joe's ass in November... because of the silent majority!
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