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debate The new wave of domains: .ETH; floor prices and prospective benchmarks

Hello everyone, some of you might remember me as I used to be more active here two decades ago. Time flies!
Back in the days I took part of the initial .com registration bonanza, and today I find myself feeling similar vibes with what is going on with ethereum domain names, specifically those with a .eth extension, which are witnessing the fastest pace of registration they ever had in these last two weeks. Besides, if any of you had any queries on .eth domain names, feel free to hit me up via DM.
Anyway what interests me right now is your opinion on current LLL, NNN, NNNN, NNNNN .com "floor prices" (i.e. the lowest price at which sellers would be willing to part for one at any given time) as of now, in order to make a prospective forecast on their .eth counterparts floors.
Couple of years back I remember something along the lines of 18k$ floor 100k$ floor 9k$ floor 800$ floor
Do you think there are more or less not too far from their current floor prices?
Do you have any opinion on whether .eth will succeed or fail in tailing .coms, or even outperform them?
Cheers :)

I think the current hype around number and letter .eth is just that – hype. There's 'false scarcity' to LLL, NNN, NNNN, and NNNNN being hyped just as there is to the 'false scarcity' of NFT collections. Yes, there's only 10,000 NFTs to be minted in one project but here are also 10,000 projects issuing their own 'limited' 10,000 NFTs. The market is flooded with NFTs as a result. Likewise, the market is flooded with LLL, NNN, NNNN, and NNNNN combinations in .eth. Way too much supply. Hype will peter out over time. Prices will normalize at a lower level. Just as was true with the Chinese craze in 2015 for LLL, NNN, NNNN, and NNNNN in .com and other extensions. Many people in China were left holding bags in the end with lots of losses.
Do you have any opinion on whether .eth will succeed or fail in tailing .coms, or even outperform them?
It's just hype for nothing just so someone can make $$$. .Eth is nothing to most people. I'm a geek and I wouldn't have a clue how to visit one, that's a clue in itself.
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