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  1. equity78

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    Nick Kolenda writes some great guides. His guide on brand names is one worth reading and downloading. If you plan to read it, allot yourself some time, it’s 15,167 words. The guide is broken down into 4 sections STEP 1: Choose the Correct Type of Name STEP 2: Identify Meaningful Phonemes STEP 3: Compose a […]

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  2. stub

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    This and his other guides look like awesome content. A must read for Branding, and probably everything else Nick has available.
  3. FolioTeam

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    Thanks for sharing
  4. ExploitOdds

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    I came across this. What does it mean if you are in the 20%

    Step 2: Identify Meaningful Phonemes
    Let’s try another exercise. Which table is mil? Which is mal?


    Over 80% of people assign mal to the big table (Sapir, 1929). Did you?
  5. Lox

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    Creating Effective Brand Names: A Study of the Naming Process
    ( Institute for the Study of Business Markets @ The Penn University 1995)

    PDF Attached / 27 pages / (brand_names_A_stud.pdf)

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  6. J Sokol

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    Great info -- lots to consider.
  7. ExploitOdds

    ExploitOdds Established Member

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    By the way the article is fantastic. I am not through the article completely, and yet it is bomb so far!

    I looked for 6 letter brandables after doing some reading. I stopped right around the hard E sound.

    Decided to look for six letter brandables ending in ly. I used domainsoup for the searching. I almost registered As I searched I was surprised that some names were taken. I started with
    Any Letter AL AL AL L Y
    Quickly changed to
    Consonant Vowel C V L Y

    I played with it, but stuck to that mainly!!
    Habely was another name I considered.
    nice to see that the j q w x all seemed plentiful in combinations, lol.
    With the names I was looking for I noticed that names that followed the “rarely” pattern were taken which was not a surprise. Almost all six letter letter names that followed my criteria were snatched up already if they had a word in the name. A name like Bugely may have been one of the few exceptions. I could hear @biggie saying “Dummy it is available for a reason!” 😜I could hear @Silentptnr saying “Dude there is some upside there.” I then heard @Bob Hawkes saying, “They both make good points, but I don’t think you are a dummy. A bit impulsive at times perhaps. Good luck.”

    Anyways it was a nice exercise. This morning I was thinking, that article should be a class in college. Granted marketing courses may very well cover those same principles. Dave Ramsey has financial peace maybe this should be Brandable Peace or DomainPeace or DomainPiece 😎
  8. Ntmt

    Ntmt Established Member

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    Really Meaningful and Fundamental article. Written in simple language though having science behind it.
  9. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent Gold Account VIP Trusted Blogger

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    Wow what a comprehensive helpful guide. Although much of it is similar to other branding/naming books, the structure is really good in this. Superbly clear writing - not short but as concise as it could be to be comprehensive.

    I found the techniques section on how to transform a word with a slight change super helpful. Also the funnel for choosing the best has both the obvious things, but aspects like complexity I think is sometimes overlooked.

    Thank you for telling us about it, @equity78. It will take something pretty great not to have this by the most valuable thing I read on NamePros today!

    Last edited: Jan 28, 2020
  10. Indianad

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    Thanks for sharing this information. Each day I learn more and more.
  11. biggie

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    in which ear, do you hear my voice

    is it a whisper, that is barely heard
    or is like the rumble of thunder...coming from the clouds above

    is this voice one of reason and rationale
    or one that swings from side to side
    depending which way the favor blows

    in which ear, do you hear my voice?

  12. equity78

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    I think of it as a whisper Don.
  13. Ostrados

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    This is a very deep and advanced guide, actually it had the quality of a research paper more than a guide!
    It is very rich and enjoyable reading, I learned many new things and was surprised that voices have meanings! Wow

    @ExploitOdds I dont think anyone will tell you "it was not taken for a reason", actually the whole point of brandables is to come up with unique new name that stands out and can be easily remembered. In the guide it says that descrptive names are the least memorable and they are right about that, I would hardly remember a brand name such as "Intelligent Computers" and I would easily remember "Intel". When Google was established the domain was probably not taken, now tell me that it was not registered before that for a reason lol

    Domainers must think outside of typical domaining box when dealing with brandable names, a great brand name does not need to be aged, taken on many TLDs, or have monthly search volume. A great brand name comes out of the box as a great brand name!
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  14. trelgor

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    Great to summarize and put this on paper. The thing about language and communication in general is we just know it. Intuitively. These complex processes are done instantly without thought. That is why people still maintain that a name has no importance - only content. They don't know that they actually know better.
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  15. equity78

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    Yes Nick does an excellent job.

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