The low-down and skinny on drop-catching domains vs. other acquisition options

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    Ok, so, I was thinking about all the different options to acquire a domain at a reasonable price-point so I can make a profit off it easily, without it sitting too long and eating up renewal fee's that stack on-top of the initial investment costs.

    With that in mind, is drop-catching better than other methods of acquisition or is it more of a personal choice that performs about the same?

    For instance, I'm comparing these options:
    1. Hand-Registration
    2. Drop-Catching
    3. Forum Marketplace
    4. Niche Dedicated Marketplace
    5. Registrar with their own marketplace
    6. Whois eMail/phone contact
    In your opinion, which of the 6 above is going to have the best return on my investment, with the lowest possible price-point at the time of purchasing it?

    Please provide an example or personal experience with details for clarity.

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