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    Ok, so, I was thinking about the gTLD's expanding over the years to the point of mass-saturation.

    I like to put assorted meats + veggies and seasonings through a meat grinder to make the best sausage links.

    If we apply the same thought process with a handful of gTLD's (Considering .com is my main meat), I need to cherry-pick some complementing extensions to serve as added fats, veggies, and spice.

    Even with all the new gTLD's that came out and the expectation for some major market shifts that would potentially reduce value in .com's, it still looks like .com is retaining superior value over the rest, years later.

    It might look something like this:
    .com - Main Meat (Portfolio majority)
    .net - Complementing fat (Pad portfolio)
    .org - Complementing fat (Pad portfolio)
    .jobs - Added veggies (Niche Extension targeting)
    .club - Added Spices (Inclusive touch)

    Is that the right combination to send through my meat grinder though?

    The idea in a complementing combination of domain extensions is like dipping my feet into the waters with a rounded presentation and flavor that is sure to make buyers drool when they walk though the proverbial portfolio door.

    Does anyone else put thought into how the extensions in their portfolio play together or is it normally just random investments with no strategic extension organization?

    What do you think a better combination would be?
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    .com has been marketed for over 30 years to the average consumer, so of course it’s going to retain and maintain a consistent value ... one that we hope will continue to grow as time goes on, because that will entail further value in the industry as a whole

    But what is the peak ... the market is now being traded amongst investors and most sales are falling short of expectations, endusers have seen conflicting information whilst investing big money in SEO firms and are not sure whom to trust and the registrars aren’t educating anyone, they are simply supporting that which is the favorite of their corporate donors ... and now we have endusers who would rather waste hundreds of millions to brand something totally unrelated to the industry that they are marketing ... or even better, making up some name that you’ll forget by the end of reading this paragraph,

    The above said ^ investors should focus on exact match keywords in valuable industries, this is where we have seen value ^ and once we have some large GTLD sales it will open the door to new investors as well as new eyes which we very much need in order to continue supporting the domain industry

    NFTs became popular after Beeples $69M sale ... it was reported all over the news, and then you had 10 year olds investing and designing their own art work to be turned into NFTs to then be sold for ETH ...

    Why are domains not getting this publicity and
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