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I have been mainly using Sedo and Godaddy parking and sales landers for the past few months and was kind surprised by the number of unique visitors that I was getting considering the very low number of offers or lack thereof for the majority of my domains. Even the offer page views at Sedo were way up there for a lot of my domains while receiving no offers at all on them.

At Sedo I had about 450k unique visitors in the past 12 months on my portfolio of around 1000 domains and some of my domains had consistent offer page views over 50 per month without receiving any offers.

Godaddy doesn’t currently offer stats on sales landers, but they provide very inflated traffic stats on Godaddy Auctions.

Finally I decided to use Parking Crew for my domains and from what I can see the traffic stats for unique visitors and offer page views seem to be more realistic.

I like the fact that Parking Crew still allows me to use Afternic and Sedo sales landers which I like to switch around between occasionally.

My question is if Parking Crew can provide true stats why can’t Sedo and Godaddy and although most experienced domainers know that these stats are mostly from bots, but isn’t that going to be misleading to end users or even new domainers who rely on these false stats to make a domain purchase.

This situation can not be allowed to go on any longer.

We need to have true and accurate stats throughout the Domain Industry.


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