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Hii...I need suggestion for izzero.com

One of my friend has this domain but, he seems lost and not know what to do with this.

What do you think this niche can be related to???
For me its seems, investing, maths, space, related niche...
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I think it can be related to many niches, no clear meaning. Some ways to interpret: Is Zero, Easy Zero, Izze (Bulgarian "he said") (also a popular juice brand). Sure would have more value with just one "z" but still not the worst name I think. However, it is not perfectly clear how to pronounce it - i zzero or ee-zzero, it's a con. Did he buy it to resell? If yes, then maybe it's best to relax and wait for offers. To see if there is any interest in this name it can be added to DAN, Epik or Efty since they show how many people visited a landing page. Also can be a good idea to upload it on brandable marketplaces, it could work. Since outbound success for this kind of name is unlikely, these are the only options I see. Maybe there is something else. Hope it helps a bit! :)
I would suggest to your friend to drop the domain, cross the loss and live on.