In case you haven’t heard my partners and I are opening up not only a domain brokerage, not only a marketplace on Stud.com but we have added some secret sauces that’s going to blow the doors off of the industry and open us up to the world.

Stud.com was born on July 1 via a Twitter post and for the last 100 days or so we have been working night and day to bring Stud.com online.

The domain marketplace is about 1/3 of what stud.com is going to be about.

In the weeks ahead we will unveil version 1.0 of STUD. But we won’t stop there. We have big plans for expansion as we add these new features.

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I love that he is creating a market like that, but I dislike the domain he chose so much. I understand he is trying to create a brand, but I do not think this was a good choice. “We breed domains” is a reach, it feels like you are trying to make the domain relevant to domaining.

I kind of thought the choice of domain was odd also. Using an adult name to sell domains. But that probably is not the only difference between me and the domain king :)

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NoLowballers.com is expiring today. Perhaps that would be a more accurate name for his new project? Seems like the project is only for domainers who are wealthy already, have ultra premiums, and can sit for years or decades on a domain and not accept anything less than a shoot-the-moon price for their domain/s... doesn't look like a platform for most of us, IMO.

AntiLowball.com NoLowballing.com are available. Maybe Rick grabs these and redirects to Stud