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    I recently had an offer placed on a domain that I had registered about 30 days ago. We went back and forth a little bit and eventually settled on mid $xxx as he stated it was his max budget.

    At the beginning of the negation I mentioned what Registrar it was at and I would quickly transfer it to their account after purchase.

    We entered into escrow and then the buyer decided they did not want the domain because it was not at their desired registrar and was under 60 day lock. They requested I cancel the transaction right after they made payment to the escrow company.

    After some back and forth and some explaining he ended up setting up an account at the registrar and accepted the transfer - happily.

    It turns out he did not understand that a domain could be used during the 60 day lock, which is why he wanted to cancel the transaction. He wanted the domain but felt disappointed he thought he had to wait 60 days to put a website on it. :ahhh:

    So in the end - I believe the lesson is to always stay professional with your responses and you might can salvage some sales that would be otherwise lost. The other lesson might be that listing names under transfer lock can cause some headaches.
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    Atleast u completed the sale , I had one physco buyer who asks me all details and ask me to send invoice every month and never ever pays this is happening to me 5 months
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