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news Startups Choosing Longer .coms Over Alternative TLDs



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The article discussed quite a few funded startups and their brand name choices. Brands mentioned in the article include Waldo, Morty, Pie Insurance, Carrot Fertility, Lemonade, Oscar, Herb, Bud, Purple Squirrel, and quite a few other companies with interesting (or even confusing) brand names.
Of note, nearly all of the startup profiles I saw showed the companies were using longer .com domain names rather than new gTLD domain names, ccTLDs, or alternative extensions...
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First names that startups are using are getting nerdier and less common. Morty, for example, is commonly short for Mortimer, which peaked in popularity in the 1880s. It was most recently ranked No. 12,982 on the list of most common baby names. Then there’s Fritz, a learning software developer with a name that also hit its peak in the late 1800s. Last year it ranked No. 4,732.
This data crunch was an update (see our methodology section below) to a prior overview of the often bizarre naming trends that startups follow. At that time, we found top trends included putting AI into your name, using popular first names and employing creative misspellings of common words.
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