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Recently @MediaOptions Andrew Rosener and I sat down for a much long-awaited interview (more my fault than Drew’s). Nevertheless, we traveled back down memory lane and journeyed from the bottom to the top to learn how Drew amassed a portfolio of 1,100 domains, yet never knew a domain industry existed. But that all drastically changed one day having answered one phone call from GoDaddy reoriented the trajectory of his life forever, which Drew candidly shares. So tune in and glean insightful wisdom and guidance about what’s in the near future for digital expansion and its impact on domain names. Enjoy!

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Will listen to this later, there's a few people i always listen to what they have to say (when i have time myself) when they do interviews and just general chat about domains and Andrew is one of those.
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One of the best domain/business podcast episodes I’ve heard. Thanks Alvin! Looking forward for more guests.
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