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Hey Folks,

I've just started using squadhelp.com to list some of my brandable. So far I have 76 domains listed, there is no fee to list. I've had some decent action so far in the way of interested buyers but no sales as of yet. I've only been with them for 1 week now.

A bit of a summary review of SquadHelp:

  • No Listing fee
  • No Logo design fee
  • Ability to submit your names to end users holding naming contests
  • Ability to chat directly or send a message directly to end users.
  • Stats of your marketplace domains are shown in the marketplace dashboard.
  • Their customer service and support has been great, 24hr a day chat.
  • Ability to increase or decrease the list price of your domains or to show a discount. You can decrease or increase the price yourself by $200. If you want to lower more, you can contact support.
  • End users can shortlist your domains before they make a decision on which they want to purchase. The number of shortlists is shown in you marketplace dashboard.
  • When you submit your names you get to set the price you wish to get. Because their commissions are high I recommend listing at a higher price to offset the commission costs.
  • Their landing pages are fairly basic but they work. Because the marketplace is fairly new, I'm sure we will see style improvements in the future.
  • One thing I really like is they accept multiple extensions. I have listed .co and .io along with .com
  • Each seller gets a direct link to their marketplace portfolio, HERES MY PORTFOLIO. It is handy if your trying to p[promote your portfolio through social media.
  • I like that their marketplace doesn't have tens of thousands domain listings like BB. They are fairly strict on the domains they accept to list and so this helps keep the number of domains in the marketplace down and gets your listings more exposure.
  • Their commissions are very high, depending on the domain name they are usually between 30% and 35%. However, there are no listing fees, no logo design fees, so in the end their commission is very similar to brand buckets.
  • Their logos are not top quality, in fact I requested to have some of my logos remade.
  • I think they have a big backlog of logos to design, the wait time for logo design has been around 1 week, but your names are still listed while the logos are being designed.
  • After your names are accepted you need to agree to their commission rate, at this point you also need to apply your own keywords, descriptions etc. I found this was very time consuming.
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Do you have the Automatic Price Increase turned On / Off?
For me it's off. You need to keep your Afternic prices in sync manually, this automatic price changes would create unnecessary extra work.
It's not that I don't have a clue but you refuse to look at the big picture, someone is having 700 premium domains with no sales in 2 years! What kind of names are in this portfolio or what is the problem do you think?! I'm not against "Invented Brandable" domains in general. I've clearly stated that "Invented Brandable" names that pass the radio test, 4L, and short are the best and provided good and bad examples of them.

I've also stated that some are building portfolios only for brandable platforms aside from their portfolio which is completely okay. Invented names are only one type of Brandable Names and they are the hardest to sell. This is why brandable marketplaces might be a better choice of course as they provide logos and retargeting ads.

So based on your points the questions here are:

- What kind of "Invented Brandable" domains sell like crazy on SH and BB? Please check the examples in my previous message.

- Do you know what is the percentage of "Invented Brandable" domains in their portfolio and if this is their main portfolio or not? Because I'm sure we've seen several successful domainers with >500 names on SH/BB while their main portfolios on Dan are more than 10 times this number.

I think it's ridiculous to explain myself more than once on the same point but I think some may misunderstood my message that I'm against a certain domain type or a marketplace, I absolutely like SH & BB and they're definitely doing a great job and currently, I have a very small percentage of my portfolio invested in "Invented Brandable" domains that are short, 1 and 2 syllables, and passes the radio test.

The bottom line is building a diversified portfolio that sells everywhere will definitely sell on brandable marketplaces. I'm not here to argue and I think I made my points clear enough, I was just trying to help and again the problem might not be with "Invented brandable" domains, it might be another type or even one of the points mentioned above like Afternic syndication not active.

I just mentioned this type of domains at first as it's not the first time to look into someone's portfolio with the same problem and most of the names are barely readable like the bad examples mentioned in my previous message and of course not like the good examples of "Invented brandable" domains that sell like crazy as you said.

In the end, we have the choice to learn the hard or the easy way and It's said that a wise person learns from his mistakes and a wiser one learns from others' mistakes.

I enjoyed this conversation and I hope it was beneficial for you @TBN and for us. Thank you!
It might be worth the poster listening to this (oldie but a goodie):


@doron talks about how keyword brandables outperform invented names
It might be worth the poster listening to this (oldie but a goodie):

@doron talks about how keyword brandables outperform invented names
Thank you. This is useful and appreciated.

I actually have only a small number of invented brandables in my portfolio.