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I see 3 promising free brandable domain marketplace - Squadhelp - Brandbucket - Alter. Of course Brandpa is there but it's paid so not including here.

Wanted to know which brandable marketplace has worked best for you in terms of appraisals, sales and support.

I see good traffic on my names parked on Alter currently, squadhelp domains are getting less eye balls and Brandbucket is yet to appraise my names, so can't comment on them.

I would request seniors to share your views on this marketplace so newbies like me can learn from you.

Thanks in advance.

ddesigns - Web Development and more...
I use them all. Still measuring results on Alter, but names have been getting some additional exposure there. Looks promising. SH and BB both perform but it depends on your style names.

Thanks for the inputs @tomcarl I have also recently submitted few of my names at Alter, and seeing some traffic on the names now, though no domains are accepted in Premium till now :(

Regarding SH, 3 of my names go accepted there too under Premium names and no acceptance till date on BB. Visits are not much on SH names till date.

SH’s only Brandable publish sale allow afternic integration (you list, costs $1-2 is optional)

all rlly selective,except BrandPa (100% approv but i have seen some have success with BP.

Seen success people with all of them. Try all.


Thanks @Samer for inputs, I have submitted them to all, few got accepted in SH Premium, waiting for BB to give there decision, as they have 30 days waiting period. Brandpa I am not going to submit as they are charging 5 Per names.

SH and BB have submission fees not just Brandpa. Nothing is free.

No my friend, My names got accepted in SH without any fees, and BB also dont have any fees, both of them give you free credits for submitting your names. Thanks for your inputs too..