negotiable сору.com - contains Russian letters (Cyrillic)

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сору.com it is xn--n1aebk.com.
This is not an English word for copy, although it looks like a copy
the domain name contains Russian letters in the word сору, in English it's "soru".
.com is standard dot com

Offers on PM, please. Thank you
Registrar - Key-Systems GmbH
Renewal Price - 10 $
Renewal Date - 2023-08-09
Payment Options - Aftermarket.pl, Escrow,
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Clarification needed:
Your title indicates that the letters copy are in Russian Cyrillic letters, however, your post does not provide the special characters/puny code for transparency.

Are you selling Copy.com or are your selling a Russian puny code domain that looks like the English word Copy?

Please update your listing for transparency if the latter to include the puny code.

Once updated this message can be removed.
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