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Ali Azam

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Domain: x
Registrar: SAV
Expiration Date: 16th December 2022

Starting Bid: $1
Bid Increments: $1 or more

The auction ends 96 hours after the last bid.
Payment: PayPal

Payment is required within 24 hours after the auction ends.
Push to SAV only.​

I have the right to cancel the transaction if your trade rating is bad.
PLEASE READ OUR AGREEMENT: By buying or bidding on this domain name YOU agree, if you are the winner, that there will be no refunds, no PayPal "charge-backs", and no returns allowed. I agree to internally move (push) the domain to your account at the registrar where the domain is located after payment is made. You agree to ACCEPT (if necessary) the domain as soon as it is moved to your registrar account. This will conclude our transaction.
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