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0 as Big Pharma moving towards "one and done" Vaccine Model.

Also of note: for Botanical plant produced Vaccines, for wide ranging Vaccine solutions and rollouts,,, and for possible automatic Syringe vaccine injection pronounced

Not sure the Do's and Don'ts on this site seem to get a lot of flagged posts so I hope to get this out if anyone has any proposals, brokers etc.

Let me know thanks guys and gals. These sites almost blew a vein in my skull and I went through a Dictionary and Thesaurus until my eyes bled with all unavailable sites every time I checked. Except silly .ca sites haha.

Hope some are any good. Killed myself with the work I put into these no joke. These things are SO RARE now after the Pandemic.

These are up on GoDaddy Auctions in a few minutes (slow Sunday listing) and will be Webbed on Adsense in a few weeks after Approval.
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