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    Note: Parts of this guide may be outdated and pending an update.

    What are widgets?
    Widgets are useful additions to the site that often appear on the right side of every page. On small screens, such as mobile devices, they appear near the bottom of the page.

    Primary Widgets: The widgets below are listed in order as they appear on NamePros.
    • New Posts: Keep up in real-time, at a glance, with activity happening on the site.
    • Domain Auctions: Most recently active auctions of domain names on the site.
    • Popular This Week: The most popular new discussions from the last 7 days.
      This is the best way to quickly see the hottest threads, once a week.
      The latest buzz-worthy discussions end up here.
    • Group A - Popular This Month: The most popular new discussions within 30 days.
    • Group A - Today: The most popular new discussions from the last 24 hours.
    • Group A - Favorites: The most Liked new discussions from the last 7-14 days.
    • Blog Favorites: The most Liked new blog posts from the last 7 days.
    • Domain Chat: Live chat for all logged-in members to communicate with each other.
    Most of these sidebar widgets are configured to showcase domain discussions and exclude other types of content (e.g., appraisal requests). However, all open content is included when you visit the widget's heading (e.g., Popular This Week).

    Locational Widgets: The widgets below appear on specific pages of NamePros only.
    • Latest News: The most recent articles from our blog and news around the industry.
    • New Blog Posts: The most Liked stories on our blog this week.
    • Group B - Top Stories: Month: The most Liked blog posts from the last 30 days.
    • Group B - Year: The most Liked blog posts from the last 365 days.
    • Group B - Comments: The latest comments on blog posts.
    • New Auctions: The most recent domain auctions listed on NamePros.
    • Appraisal Requests: The most recent domain appraisal requests.
    • Tag Cloud: Categorization of the over 4.8 million posts on NamePros.

    Occasional Widgets: The widgets below will appear on NamePros from time to time.
    • Opinion Poll: A great way for members to cast their vote on a specific question.

    How do links in widgets work?
    Depending on the widget, the links will lead to the first post, the first unread post, or the most recent post:

    Questions or suggestion? Contact us.
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