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domains Showcase your Advertising channel/s for domain names

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it's good to have a good or very good domain name/s but over the years i notice that even if you have a PREMIUM domain without advertising him the chances to sell are lower than if you promote via social media
Today , more than ever social media offer new ways to promote a good or digital good
From traditional Facebook to the newest TikTok
Me i make my own little network with Facebook accounts , Twitter accounts , Linkedin , Youtube & of course TikTok
I like TikTok & i advice the NP members to use it special now when you can make an account using your twitter or facebook account or email address ( many as you can )
Notice is not very often used but worth to promote your domains on TikTok - trust me
I use Pixabay for video & audio to create a short presentation for my domains & you can see few of them on my channels below

Dear NP member/s Show us here how you promote your domain names
Present to us your work & channels on social media
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Thanks for the post. I just signed up.
Show us your advertising channel if you want / promote here
This is to talk about how & where we promote our domain names but NP staff moved from Domain names discussion section thinking i am sell a domain name here
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