shecco.com has repositioned itself as ATMOsphere.cool, updating its offerings to better address a growing global need for future-proof refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump solutions.

... The world has changed significantly in the past year, and so has shecco. To adapt to the new business reality in a post-pandemic way, whilst continuing its mission of accelerating the transition to clean cooling solutions, shecco has united (and expanded) its offerings under the ATMOsphere umbrella brand.

Founded in 2007, shecco is a global, independent market accelerator for clean cooling and natural refrigerant solutions. The company boasts more than 50 years of industry experience among its global team located in offices in Europe, Japan, and the U.S.

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Interesting rebrand. Thanks for telling us about it @Lox .

I don't think, despite many years in business, many automatically remember shecco. Atmosphere.cool is more memorable, but time will tell reaction to a business using .cool. I personally might have preferred in that TLD something other than atmosphere, that is closer to the type of personal devices the company offers. However, atmosphere leaves more room for expansion into other sectors.

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Both domains have a website up with their own logo and the new one has a link at the bottom that says "powered by" so I am not sure if its a real rebrand, or an extension of the old brand.

Nailed it. They've been using the brand for a while. Lots of brand confusion going on. Also using atmo.org, still using shecco as a brand.

Looking at their family of brands there's little room for an upgrade of the main domain unless they steer away from 'atmosphere'. Poor branding decision, poor logo(although execution is alright) while we're at it. Reminds me of pepsi.

Brand identity is nice but they've been dealt a shitty hand to work with.