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information Shared, VPS, Dedicated Servers, or Cloud servers. What to choose in 2021 as a freelance back-end developer?



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If you wish to sow the seeds of your career with an internet site or a blog, then a server has to be handpicked to host the website so that many users can come and sail on it. The strain then arises for choosing which one is better, functional, and cost-friendly. Don't worry. We have got you covered.

Before judging a server, we must compare it to see which one is better and why? Here's how:

  • Shared Hosting

The most inexpensive and economically hosting solution accessible to the programmer. The major downside to using this server is there is no control on the server, and performances are compromised.

  • Virtual Private Server(VPS)

In VPS, the drawback of Shared hosting gets covered up because only a few other websites access the server with the website you access. They cost a touch above shared hosting and are affordable for medium-scale websites and businesses.

  • Dedicated servers

They are the backbone of the internet-hosted sites or applications and are employed by huge websites with many visitors.

The major drawback which can be seen are:

· Much costier than VPS
· Security and maintenance are compromised.
· Mid-level scalability

A cloud server is a VPS, but it hosts multiple servers instead of storing them on one server. It is highly customizable and affordable because it can handle high traffic and spikes.
Nowadays, most companies are jumping to the cloud because it is scalable, reliable, flexible, and cost-efficient.

Correctly choosing a server to host your website is not a choice but a priority. Hence, If you are handling a little personal blog, you can choose a shared hosting provider but If you are selecting an eCommerce website to be implemented, choose VPS or dedicated server. Assuming you are a determined, knowledgeable, and skilled programmer, opt for cloud servers.
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