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budget: above $50 SH Premium Names - both seller & SH owned

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Requirements (please read before sending)
  • Premium SH approved names
  • Seller owned or SH owned (please specify which in your DM)
  • Price range per name: 1-100$ (looking to buy for 500+$ in total)
    • For SH owned names I will most likely not pay more than 10$ and most cases not more than 5-7$ (depending on the name)
  • .com only
  • 2 word names or 4-6L made up ones / word+ending (e.g. Codely)
  • Payment through SH Wholesale Marketplace
DM your offers (Name / Asking price / SH or Seller owned / Date approved on SH / SH approved price)

Looking forward to some nice offers (please consider your pricing if you really want to sell, I will not overpay :))

Will make my purchase during the next 1-2 weeks. No response = no interest (will read all messages I get)
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