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    What happens if we email to [email protected] , [email protected] ...

    I sent an email to 5 people (one of them was an actual buyer, probably a middleman), and to myself (using my domain).
    My email to myself went to spam folder. Normal it doesn't happen. Also it arrived late.
    I very rarely send such messages.

    Can this happen because I use a privacy-email-redirect service. Email arrived late, so maybe it was not even a redirect, they check it, and then "forward".
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    Your email (an address you was sending from) is likely configured with some anti-spam technology, such as SPF (senders policy framework), this is done using DNS. Basically, the receiving server is checking whether your email arrived from legitimate mail server, which you use to send emails and which you (or your email provider) mentioned in SPF configuration. Now, if you are sending email to @ superprivacy .com, the privacy service is forwarding it to the real (hidden) destination email: somebody @ johndoe .com. The mail system used by johndoe .com will therefore find that your email was NOT originated from your mail server (determined via SPF), as it was in fact delivered via superprivacy mail server. No SPF match --> likely it is spam.
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