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I have read some posts here about Sedo, a lot of members don't like Sedo, for them is limited and old.

In my opinion and according to my experience, I think it's the perfect place to sell domains - especially if you're looking for a high quality traffic and potential buyers -

Dan design is great, but it's limited

Most of my sales are from Sedo not Afternic or Dan ..

I use Dan only I got a lead via out-bounding due to the lower commission ..

What do you think ?
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make no mistake ... most people do not get most sales from sedo. which basically says it all. it's all always about most... exceptions and minorities have no meaning.


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now the user experience of sedo.com is very very bad, sedo has stopped making progress, and dan.com has surpassed sedo in every way.
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I actually like Sedo for my BINs under 5k. Faster payouts from what I've seen thus far for SedoMLS vs Afternic.

More in the belief that it doesn't hurt to use all the marketplaces at your disposal though.
I'm trying Sedo's auction service. But overall I still prefer Dan.


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I'm a total beginner and never sold one domain on sedo in this first months in domaining, but l have sold three domains through afternic and four with my registrar. (little amounts xx*3 , xxx*3, xxxx*1), but l feel that this Sedo is interesting... so l decided to try it putting some efforts in learning their logic. Learned how to verify domains through the TXT, simple procedure but my registrar couldn't help so l gave it up, now l see it as one of the most effective systems (you don't have to e-mail afternic every domain you add... because it's probably already stored in other accounts). It seems to me that their verification model is serious. I'm not anymore in the buying phase, so now l would like to understand more studing the stats. Also on this side, while afternic is an inaccessible black box, in Sedo l see statistics for parked domains and some of them could be very interesting. As a result, it can appear a paradox not having sold a domain with them, but l think that through Sedo one can speed up the learning curve.