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Sedo BIN + Best Offer lander


As per the title, I just wanted to share how I personally like Sedo BIN + Best Offer lander.
Sedo uses the word "Best" instead of the conventional "Make", which psychologically motivates buyers to give their best and serious offer.

Now, some might not favor BIN + Make Offer to go together but the use of "Best" here looks more appealing for the buyer to make their best offer and not low balls.

Taken in the example below, even though the listed domain price is $36,999 but my actual price that I would sell is around $4,000-$5,000. So, with this lander, if the buyer gives the best offer within that range, I would still make my sale.
This could be just another strategy.

"enter your Best Offer" is really something that I would love to see across other marketplaces.

Best offer is fine but there should be a minimum bid. That way you don't waste time with lowball offers. Another good thread question. Cheers.
There is in your Sedo account settings.

The upside to this option is the commission is only 10% if you accept a best offer on a BIN listing.

The downside to is you cannot counter.

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