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Here you can post your .science domain names!Because anyone loves
OK I have others registered, but these are my favourites (most of which are for sale in $$ range)

fMRI.scence (functional MRI)
CRISPR.science (named 2015 science breakthrough of year)

Would love to hear what others have!

I know a lot of one year registrations have now disappeared, but what have people held onto or scooped up recently?
I realize I left one of my favourite domain names off my list:

I like it both directly as a website www.simulate.science but also it works with domain phrases like we.simulate.science with subdomains/DNS settings.

I also have

I am not as keen on it, but the purchase was cheap, and I will see if anyone wants it.
Call me crazy, but I added a few more including
SeeSmaller.science (nanoscience or nanotechnology, or electron microscopes)
CPP.science (re C++ or CPP, the computer programming language)
CMM.science (a long shot, Carbon Minus Minus re carbon capture technology)
entangled.science (re quantum computing and communication)
PBL.science (Problem Based Learning)

Everything is listed on my Efty at http://www.frugal.bid/ by selecting extension .science.
Some of my more recent ones include
  • CTE.science (chronic traumatic encephalopathy)
  • WeR.science (either take-off on R statistical programming, or more generally expression)
  • ANOVA.science (statistical term acronym)
  • tweeter.science (popular scientists who tweet?)
  • graphs.science
  • nanoparticle.science

(ps I can't edit my previous post any more but CMM.science is now sold so I no longer own that)
My understanding from this article is that the registration price on .science, and other Famous Four related extensions, is about to go up and stay up. There has been a shakeup in the management of the extensions due to investor dissatisfaction.

"The company will shortly terminate all of its promotional pricing and introduce a flat $9.98 registry fee, which is very likely to affect its volumes and reduce spamming activity over the next year or so."
From Kevin at Domain Incite:

While this will no doubt be good for the extension in long run, it will mean significantly higher costs for domain investors. If you have interest in it now is a good time to either register or renew I think. Trying personally to decide how much to invest in my .science extension portfolio.
Re my post above, I see that as of this morning the prices for all FFM extensions (trade, review, party, bid, win, science, webcam etc.) are no longer discounted at Namecheap. They are now $12.88 vs previous discounting to sub dollar there for the past long while. As of this moment NameSilo still have great price listed, but my understanding of Kevin's post (linked in my earlier post) is that deep discounts are gone forever. I think in long run this will be good, although the rebound in registrations over the past 10 months will no doubt stall. Anyway if want to register or renew some .science at cheap prices, rush to NameSilo or a few other places as I think they all end very soon.

Here is a nTLD graph of the registration climb last 10 months or so:

ps Fortunately I did add some 5 year renewals on a few names I really like in .science prior to the price increase.:xf.smile:

pps Kevin's post indicates that the registry says they will be reserving fewer in the extensions as premium, so some good names may come out at the no longer discounted price I have not yet seem any evidence of this in .science as still a lot of the good names seem at $650 premium price.
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Re As of this moment NameSilo still have great price listed.

Just to update the inexpensive registrations and renewals are now gone from NameSilo as well. According to TLD-list only a couple registrars still have low rates, but they are not registrars with many/any reviews and also I am not familiar with them. I think the days of deep discounts in former FFM extensions are gone.

On another topic, I noticed that NameBio daily report today has another .science sale listed happening at Flippa. I think it is the first two word NameBio recorded .science sale, and went for $300. Details including name in link.

Also, would point out that the abuse of .science has gone way down. Still find some ngTLD critics using it as an example of abuse, and that is certainly not supported by current evidence. Spamhaus as of today is 1.45, making it still somewhat worse than .com but way better than a year ago. It places slightly worse than info (0.88) buy way better than biz (3.87) to place it in a context of some better known extensions. My guess, since the low prices have just gone away, that it is more through an increase in real use than it is much of a decrease in abuse, but that will come with new management committed to improving things and with the new pricing.
I thought I would point out that another .science sale was announced on NameBio today, the second this week. The 3 word SetOfSkills sold for $199 on Flippa.

It actually will probably be overlooked by most coming well down list of a big day that featured two huge 2-letter coms at top, as well as 16 different new extension sales in 12 different extensions. bid/club/date and space each scored a couple of sales, and 12 others including science had one. The former Famous Four extensions now under new management seem to finally be showing traction (although at value prices) in non-registry resale market.