SAV did not give me the domain I won in the auction.



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I participated in an auction from sav.com company. I won $325 in vip.cruises domain auction.


auctions page: https://www.sav.com/auctions/details/776643/vip.cruises

He took $325 off my credit card and then refunded it.

Error code: Gateway Rejected.

Then they asked me for my credentials and a screenshot of the credit card.

I sent them this.

Then they made an irregularity and tried to charge $340 from my credit card. Since my card was prepaid, there was not that much balance.

Here is their next reply:


Unfortunately, we see that you did not win the domain in time and now there is nothing to charge you for. The domain stays with its original owner.


They found various excuses not to give me the domain and they were successful. Stay away from this company. This company first pulled $325, then tried to pull $340. This is an irregularity.



Screenshot of the conversation with Sav support:

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Nick R

Sav.com Staff
This sounds like your bid was pre-authed, then the bid was raised but when we went to try to charge your credit card for the final bid amount, the payment was declined. Having a declined payment does have in impact on our fraud detection system so when Sav went to charge the account again, it was flagged as fraud. We are happy to review your identity and lift that as a courtesy but do not guarantee that we can do it before an auction ends.

We do require that the funds to pay for all bids be available on your default payment method to prevent this. There are other bidders who spend a lot of time determining what to bid on auctions and they need to be confident that the bidders they are bidding against are actually able to pay for their bids when the auction is over.

It looks like the auction has restarted so you should be able to bid again - http://vip.cruises/
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