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SAV auto renewal problem - how to refund ?



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SAV auto renewed two of my domains before the renewal date, and I do not want that. I sent a message to them to cancel that renewal, but there is no response after 72 hours.

How can I get my money back after renewal, or at least part of this money, as SAV has the right to auto renew domains automatically one month before The renewal date and without messaging you !!


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I can't answer the question about how to get your money back after renewal, but SAV does state that:


So, I wouldn't expect them to deviate from that.

If you're not interested in having domains autorenew at 30 days before expiration, you might want to turn off autorenew at SAV or tranfer/register domains at a different registrar that initiates the process closer to the expiration date. (Someone might suggest just making sure you don't have a valid payment method on file could work, but I wouldn't personally recommend that.)

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SAV can run auctions of domain names that weren't on auto-renewal and that domainers failed to renew within two weeks. They might claim that the reminder emails may have gone into your "junk" folder. Whether this is true or not, it puts pressure on domainers to turn on auto-renewal, thereby keeping their domains with SAV. They may have competitive pricing but I personally didn't have a good experience with the domain transferring process and in updating my DNS. So I got what I paid for.
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Don't forget to ding them on TrustPilot and other review places too.

They got me for a .io domain I had no interest in keeping. I didn't realize the auto renew was on for all transfers in and they got me 30 days before. I would have auctioned it for $1 to break even and instead I'm out $30. I probably could have done a charge back on the card but then they'd probably close my account and keep my other domains. So instead, I pay $.10-.25 more to register elsewhere and keep the account open just to receive domains I am buying from other domainers.
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