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It's easy to say you don't care about money when you keep the profits of a nation wide extortion company. After what he's done, I don't blame him for wanting to leave the world a better place. Why doesn't he start with fixing the corrupt company he started?

I was surprised to find his Facebook posts public. Does anybody else have anything to say to Sahar? Say it on his FaceBook. It seems to be open to the public. I'm curious to see if he decides to comment on his work with If you're curious, you should jump chime in on the facebook post. I left the last comment, on his last post.
Watch the video in the below quote.

Below screenshot from DNW comments.

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If Dicker is involved then somebody indicted will 'snitch' on him and anybody else involved in return for a much reduced sentence.

Always happens.

And it will take a long time for them to go through all past communications etc to find other people involved in the conspiracy, nobody is out of the woods yet.
The video from the Digilantes that I posted a while back is no longer available online it seems.
But there is this one is more or less similar: [Vimeo] MUGGED
This is for historical purposes, I don't think it has any info we don't have now.

Something else: strangely the site is back online.