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It's easy to say you don't care about money when you keep the profits of a nation wide extortion company. After what he's done, I don't blame him for wanting to leave the world a better place. Why doesn't he start with fixing the corrupt company he started?


I was surprised to find his Facebook posts public. Does anybody else have anything to say to Sahar? Say it on his FaceBook. It seems to be open to the public. I'm curious to see if he decides to comment on his work with MugShots.com If you're curious, you should jump chime in on the facebook post. I left the last comment, on his last post.

Chris Hydrick

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Sahar published a mugshot of me when I was 17 years old. (2006 - when it's presumed he was the owner) I was arrested on a bench warrant for failing to pay a speeding ticket and released within hours of being processed after paying just a $200 ticket.

Sahar's company scraped the data, and refused to remove my mugshot. I have been affected by this scam first hand, and I'm appalled to find out this fellow domainer was behind it. He's walking around like a changed man, living on the fortune of his successful scam? It took me 10 years to find out who was behind this scheme. I'll be grilled if I didn't let him know the consequences of his actions. SMH...


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Remember those false, yet bold self-serving proclaims of the audacious hack Sahar to blabber empty trite about wishing to leave the world a better place then he found it?

Well, to that record we hereby are adding a 25-page court document (.pdf) detailing who the phony two-faced 3rd-world smug evil hustler Sahar Sahid really is and just exactly to what extent he (and his motley crew associates, including his mom and sister) went out to ruin lives of others only so he can stuff his own filthy lucre grubbing hands and pockets:

assets.documentcloud (dot)org/documents/4465207/MUGSHOT-FILED-ARREST-WARRANT-Redacted

Put dot pdf after the word redacted above
Yikes, they're going away for a long time. Money laundering, extortion hah the whole flush draw.

I don't think the regulators should publish this info at all to begin with(to also shame the ones being charged?). This was bound to be exploited by those who are willing to be the most ruthless (like Sahar Sahid)
It's hard to understand why the site is still active?

Mugshots.com and Unpublisharrest.com remain up and running, despite having licenses revoked in Florida and Wyoming and lack of good standing in Delaware.
Judge Coleman ruled Tuesday that the website operators’ actions are not protected by the First Amendment because they were economically motivated, which falls under the U.S. Supreme Court’s definition of commercial speech.

“As pleaded, the use of the arrest photos and records in conjunction with what appear in the complaint as buttons linking to a removal service are reasonably construed as proposing a commercial transaction,” she wrote.

But Coleman tossed out the plaintiffs’ unfair credit reporting and RICO claims because the sites are not selling their information to third parties, nor did they threaten the three men or try to extort them.

The judge ruled Thompson can pursue claims for violation of Florida’s Right to Publicity Act and Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.

Gabiola and Hammond can proceed on allegations of violation of the Illinois Mugshots Act, and Gabiola can also move ahead on his right-of-publicity claims.

Mugshots.com and Unpublisharrest.com remain up and running, despite having licenses revoked in Florida and Wyoming and lack of good standing in Delaware.

Both websites call themselves internet-based reputation management services.

In addition to the Illinois case, a similar lawsuit was filed last month in Florida by an anonymous chiropractor who claims Mugshots.com is sullying his reputation by refusing to remove his arrest photo from its webpage.

That complaint was the first to be brought under a new Florida law that prohibits mug shot publishers from charging fees for removing unflattering arrest photos from their websites.
My response from onlinedomain.com blog: Also read my reply to Whizzbang's Topic Thread in News Section.

Karma in full circle. Told lots of folks over the years Sahar Sarid was a con artist and crook and not to be trusted. In late 1999 Sahar, Jeff bvhavanie and I became legal partners under global domains LLC and registered a multimillion dollar portfolio of expired/dropped domains. Sales were slow at first with lots of interest because of our asking prices, until we got a 2 character . Com on the drop and sold for $200k within days. That’s when all went downhill and Jeff and Sahar illegally terminated partnership with me as they remained partners with full portfolio.

Didn’t have the funds to hire proper legal counsel, so technically assume legally partners still today with domain portfolio and all earned ppc since late 1999. Unfortunately, still do not have the funds to fight this legal battle for my portion of the multimillion dollar portfolio. Money created greed and that produces crooks and con artist. Still have all documentation with list of names till that point, however not a list of all others for past 18yrs.

Notice how quite the domain blogs and industry are about this big news article? Completely ignored……..Karma was long over due for Sahar, Jeff, kismore, and many more not named yet. Like his family mother and sister. Now maybe folks will agree with what I said many times over the years about Sahar Saris, regardless of the bs fluff article on dnjournal.com published. Everyone looking at him as an icon in industry. Still looking for a top IP lawyer to assist with pursing this multi million dollar case that would be worth their time with lawsuit. There are many other unpublished stories of scandals, crooks, and cons in the domain industry never published. Feel free to email for detailed info or want to publish a full factual article on my comment here with Sahar Sarid and Jeff Bvhanie. Kishmore bvhavanie is Jeff’s brother who were living in Hong Kong back then and Sahar was living outside of Houston.
Thanks Konstantinos for being the first one publishing this article and letting me post how I was victimized criminally by Sahar Sarid and Kismore "Jeff" Bvhavanie.

I can be emailed at texmexi (@) yahoo.com if interested in publishing another factual criminal multi million dollar business crime with my story involving Kismore aka Jeff Bhavanie, and Sahar Sarid on my posting above with documentation and full list of names verifying value of portfolio alone at that stage, not including PPC revenue and Domain Sales completed.

In addition, Criminal/Business/IP Lawyers, etc can email me directly if interested in pursuing lawsuit on this multi million dollar domain portfolio, domain sales completed, and PPC revenue past 18yrs. Lawsuit has solid foundation and documentation to be awarded punitive damages, domain portfolio, and lost revenue. Is there a statue of Limitations for such criminal/business lawsuit cases, if any?


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Everyone looking at him as an icon in industry.

Domainers can be partly blamed.

Whenever there is a news/report about someone making a huge sale or about someone who owns a crazy portfolio enough to buy private islands, domainers/blogs/publications create a huge hype and give them status of demigods.

Few people know each other personally in this industry and most transactions are anonymous and online. We simply cannot judge a person based on his portfolio value.
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