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  1. s.g

    s.g Okay, you've cracked it. There is more to us... Gold Account

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    Domain name:

    (It's not dommaaainnning.ciiiityyy - it just looks like it because you are shaking your head so much after seeing our bizarre/long default (oh no!) text below.)

    The s.g Team (
    Currency: USD, i.e. United States Dollar, also represented by the $ symbol; in this context, the $ symbol will always be interpreted as USD by the domain seller, even if the bidder will insinuate (or had previously insinuated) that he/she/they meant a different dollar, e.g. NZD, ZWL (discontinued), CAD, AUD, BND, etc.; USD will always take precedence over any other currency (intentionally or unintentionally quoted by any bidder) during this auction
    Position of the USD symbol: the $ symbol can be placed correctly (ahead of the digits, i.e. $28.00 or $28) or after the chosen amount (28$ or 28.00$, the continental European way) but the dollar symbol MUST be present, and the decimal separator MUST be used correctly, i.e. and according to one standard (details below)

    Starting bid: ¢1 ($0.01 USD)
    Increment: also ¢1 ($0.01 USD, have fun!)
    Decimal separator option: UK/US/OZ/Anglo-Saxon system, i.e. . (a dot) separates whole dollars from decimal points/cents, not a , (a comma), i.e. $11.518,00 or $11.818 would/will not be a valid/accepted bid, but $11,518.00 will/would be accepted)
    BIN: no conditions, n/a
    Auction ends:
    72 hours (three days) after the last valid bid is placed and successfully displayed within the NP system - each bid must include the currency or its symbol and amount, no further text or digits should be included; no parties beyond active bidders are invited to contribute to the thread
    Correction(s) accepted by seller: Yes, you can correct your bid but only within 5 minutes (according to the NP thread time stamp) - we all make mistakes (like us composing and authorising this—sorry to announce—default text but please pay attention before submitting your bid so you won't have to use this option very frequently
    Legally binding bids: Yes (please don't bid if you are not planning on paying for this domain)

    Domain registrar:
    Domain's expiry date:
    a year from today (20 October 2021)
    Transfer method:
    free push/auth. code (within the same registrar) or inter-registrar transfer/auth. code (should this cost us more than 20 minutes of our combined time and/or if you or your registrar don't provide sufficient assistance and/or sabotage our efforts (actively or through your/their inactivity), you will be required to use your own account, i.e. a standard within-registrar push will apply in these exceptional circumstances)
    Whois status: stealth setting; protected contact details
    ICANN Whois Inaccuracy Complaint Form:

    Payment options and conditions of domain name transfer upon purchase: you (the winner of the auction, should you win it) can expect timely domain transfer soon after the auction ends (around 12 to 72 hours at the latest, depending on working days and weekends or public holidays) but you will only be required to pay us later. We are going to establish a new bank account specially for domaining but we have to first physically visit a specific location in Switzerland. By bidding on our domain (once or repeatedly) you agree to this condition/delay, but you also explicitly agree to pay us the full amount owned A) if you win the auction and B) once we forward you our new bank account number (or our prospective PayPal account, or whichever payment/wire/transfer method might be acceptable to both parties). Should no alternative method exist, or if we don't agree on one, it will be either PayPal, bank transfer or any reputable escrow service; buyer pays the fee(s). Alternatively, should no other option exist, a cryptocurrency transfer may be accepted.The aforementioned delay could take weeks or longer (we are rather busy these days, plus travelling is quite challenging these COVID-19 days). PLEASE DO NOT BID ON THIS DOMAIN NAME IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES WITH THESE CONDITIONS. TO BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR; THIS ALSO MEANS (SPECIFICALLY DUE TO OUR CONDITION OF REQUIRING PAYMENT FROM YOU), THAT YOU MUST NOT BID ON THIS DOMAIN IF YOUR CANNOT AFFORD TO PAY FOR IT, i.e. IF THE BIDDING AMOUNT OF YOUR CHOICE DOES NOT CORRESPOND WITH YOUR FINANCIAL SITUATION. DUE TO THE DELAY, YOU ALSO AGREE TO KEEP THE AMOUNT (THAT YOU WILL HAVE COMMITTED TO PAY US) SEPARATE FROM YOUR REGULAR EXPENSES IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO PAY US WHEN WE REQUEST THE PAYMENT (YOU MUST INITIATE THE TRANSFER/PAYMENT WITHIN 12 TO 72 HOURS). Questions? Please use PM/DM PRIOR to bidding. Thank you, and well done to making it all the way to our signature: The s.g Team

    The joke of the auction is... (you will get used to these, LOL!)

    A bear walks into a bar and says, “Give me a whiskey and … coke.”

    “Why the big pause?” asks the bartender. The bear thinks for a moment and then shrugs, “I’m not sure. I was born with them.”


    Hope this has compensated you for our small/fine print. Now have some fun with those cents (or PM/DM us with your favourite joke so we can use yours next time (we'll quote your username or not, please tell us) - one exceptionally good joke per week please, if you can help it).


    The brainy (or brainless?) challenge of the day...

    Where in our text is one full stop highlighted with a slightly different colour (and made bold)? Trust us, if you won't spot it within a minute or two (unlike one of us - in about 20 or 30 seconds), you are perfectly normal.

    One unusual thing about this particular test auction: no one from our team will be pushing it up. Not once.

    In other words, if you decide it's not worth your time and say something like "Get lost!" to it, it actually will (if other NP users also decide that sucks).
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    Listing closed


    Starting bid: ¢1 ($0.01 USD)
    Increment: also ¢1 ($0.01 USD, have fun!)
    Bids and increments should be in whole dollar amount

    Correction(s) accepted by seller: Yes, you can correct your bid but only within 5 minutes (according to the NP thread time stamp) - we all make mistakes (like us composing and authorising this—sorry to announce—default text but please pay attention before submitting your bid so you won't have to use this option very frequently
    All bids are binding agreements and may not be retracted

    Seller encouraging discussion in a sales listing:

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