discuss .ru and .ro domains. Phishing scam alerts. Is it worth holding?

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I picked up a good .ro (Romania) last year and got a couple "you have been infected, pay me some crypto" emails, which I have ignored.
The scammer seems to have injected my .ro into the mail header to look like it came from my server, however I just banked the domain and not done anything to have generate emails.😂

With a .ro (Russia) domain I picked up a couple weeks back, the agency (cert.gov.ru) had some alerts about phishing activity on my domain and contacted my registrar, which locked my domain until I contacted them.
I have explained I just held the domain for speculation with zero activity and they released the domain back to me.

I will keep the .ro as it may end up with some value.

Are .ru domains worth the hassle/risk. I'm kinda indifferent and may just let the .ru expire unless there a (free) steps I should undertake to avoid these phishing alerts.
*I've just set the DNS to cloudflare and use the hybrid-certificate for Https.

Registrar is regery and half the cost of other registrar's.

Any tips/ suggestions. Thanks.
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.ro = Romania, not Russia.
Any extenstion can be used for phishing/scams, that doesn't make it a 'bad' extension.
I think the extension which you have choose not good..
.RO domains = occasionally they sell 4-fig but most of them are never sold or go for a couple hundred.

I'm a local so I know.

There are great .ro domains expiring or .coms for the market but I never pick any for the above reason.

If you dm me the name I can tell you whether to hold or drop. renewal is a bit more pricey than .coms.