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Hello Friends

I have my domains listed on Dan and Afternic and my registrar is GoDaddy.
Under the Marketplace section there are these 2 categories 1. Domain Names which has all these fixed price, make an offer etc. subsections and 2. External sales and everything else.

When i listed my Dan portfolio on "Domain Names" section i was told that the correct section to list this is "External sales and everything else". But under "Domain Names" section i can see posts which says they have domains listed on other websites like Dan and Afternic.

Am confused. Can somebody please clarify this.

Is there an option to sell domain internally on NamePros apart from other websites like Dan and Afternic? If so what is the process?

Thanks and Regards
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D Haynes

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So you want to sell privately is what you're saying? If so then you need to just start an auction, priced or negotiable (make offer) thread.

You can have names listed at multiple marketplaces but if you start an auction here its best practice to remove the name from the other marketplaces first to avoid any sales conflict.

You can advertise your auctions or listings at other sites (GD, Epik etc) in the External Sales section.

This is as I understand it anyway.


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Please keep in mind your domain expiration dates when you are listing.
There are limitations on the listings in terms of when the domain is expiring. GoDaddy requires listings not expiring within 90 days. Afternic, for fast transfer, has the 30 day limit. Sedo allows listings expiring within 60 days, but, according to customer service, does ask (not require) that the seller pays for the renewal. Dan does not place any limitations.


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There is another marketplace called DaaZ.com,
commission fee is very low compared to another marketplace.
they do support sellers and buyers through live chat and email,
faster payout, and a smooth process.
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