domains RIAA Takes Down ‘Infringing’ .ETH Domain Auctions

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The RIAA is no stranger to sending takedown requests. In most cases, these notices target pirated content but more recently the group has been defending its members against "infringing" Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain name sales on OpenSea. The NFT marketplace complied with the request and pulled the auctions, including that of RIAA.eth.

The music industry group recently sent a takedown notice to NFT marketplace OpenSea, asking the platform to remove several listings for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain names. These blockchain-based domains are known for their .ETH extension and are popular among crypto aficionados.

The RIAA doesn’t have any issue with the domain service itself but takes offense when third parties sell domains with RIAA branding and the names of its members and executives.

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There are multiple of these that are happening. These new breed of nft people are pretty much outlaws with zero respect for digital intellectual property rights and trademarks.

I was just reading one about Calvin Klein - same story-removed from Open Seas.


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Good thing no one can revoke the actual ENS name from an owner.

You don't need to revoke ownership to prevent it from being used.
And just like that, decentralized domains are centralized. And, .com is all that matters.