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Registration date, Registrar: 12/11/22, Sav.com, renewal fee: $200

Keywords: revenue, review, reverse, revamp, revive, reveal, revolution

Amazing one word domain with a super LOW RESERVE price! **Rev.us sold for $3k - Our reserve is LESS**

'Rev' is already taken in 269+ other domain extensions, this short and easy to remember domain would make an amazing authoritative brand or investment for exposure to the extremely popular .XYZ domain space.

(Rev definitions;

Noun: a revolution of an engine per minute.
"An engine speed of 1,750 revs."

Verb: increase the running speed of (an engine) or the engine speed of (a vehicle) by pressing the accelerator, especially while the clutch is disengaged.
"He got into the car, revved up the engine, and drove off.")

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The name conveys BIG ideas of Ambition, Goal, Grow, Rise, Soar, Thrill, and Excitement to create a seamless alignment with your brand voice!

Great fit for industries like an Automotive Brand, a Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Business, an NFT Brand, an NFT Project, an NFT Marketplace, Metaverse Brand, Professional Services Companies, an Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Company, a Security Brand, an E-Commerce & Retail, an Online Shop, Startup Accelerators & Services, Social & Networking Brand, a Tech-Internet & Software Startup or Big Company, and many more!!!

With just 3 letters, this ultra-short name is highly sought after for its premium appeal and memorability!!

Feel free to send a private message with any questions regarding this domain auction ~ Happy bidding
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