Retailing on the Internet is still expanding

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    I understand that Amazon has come to an agreement with Fiat/Chrysler to sell cars. This would seem to be another hit for bricks and mortar businesses. However, I think it indicates a great opportunity for domainers. There will still be a requirement for servicing garages, but I suspect that having bought a car on the net, users will be inclined to look for associated services and advice on the net as well. Of course, these sites are already in existence, but increased demand will led to an increase in associated sites, and a need for good domain names.

    Do you think this will happen, or do you think the net is already saturated? I haven't even mentioned an increase in financial services following a decline in traditional banking.
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    Perhaps you are right and really the demand will increase. I was always thinking that the amount of websources will increase day by day.
  3. DnEbook

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    I considered selling some ebooks on Amazon/Kindle but the $100 minimum payout and the payment of cheque and paying international fees to clear basically make it pointless for me, I would like to have sites with Amazon products ,,,,, but 5% commission ????
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    No way is the net saturated yet. Today's kids and teens will one day be starting websites for new businesses or interests. Lots of countries still developing that don't yet have the internet penetration of the US or Europe. New industries and products will be created in the future that need websites and domains - current examples are drones and cannabis. The future looks great for quality domains!

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